Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"and i'm not sorry/it's human nature" - madge

packing blowz.

just wanted to take some time out of putting random items like a unicorn cake pan and a cd book of burned discs into the same box. i spent some time this week updating my address, being all proactive so i don't miss mail and such, very adult of me. it's amazing how many fucking people you have to tell - not just the post office but the dmv, your bank, all of your credit cards, your insurance company, your 401k people, the student loan people, the gas company, the electric company, the cell phone company, ticketbastard, and all of the magazines you subscribe to. i canceled my renters insurance. i closed a credit card that i hadn't used in a while. people only give a shit about your new address when you owe them money.

anyway, i read this in radar and wanted to share . . .

From anthropologist Donald Brown's list of more than 300 behaviors and social characteristics that are universal across all human cultures:
thumb sucking
language employed to manipulate others
preference for copulation conducted in private
disapproval of stinginess
husbands older than wives
oedipus complex
belief in religion/the supernatural
socialization that includes toilet training
licking wounds
male domination of the political realm
baby talk.

you can read the whole interesting list here. i am pleased to learn that there are not (have never been?) cultures in which it is totally fine to just shit yourself and carry on with your day.

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