Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i am happy with the resurgence of the unicorn as a cultural reference.

i neglected to mention that tc sent me the betty white motivational poster that i posted last time. she also sent me this great page of similar photos.

i never dug doogie howser and that how i met your mother show looks like tripe, but neil patrick harris is suddenly growing on me - for this promo for the new harold and kumar and for his halloween costume. and he's gay. call me, nph - we could be good friends.

pos and i watched the live forever britpop documentary (at the rec of i am fuel, you are friends, paired with an excellent britpop mp3 compilation) and it was kind of a mess with no real story arc or point, other than to demonstrate the unintentional hilariousness that is noel and liam gallagher (i love them) and to show that jarvis cocker has the grossest, longest, tapered-candle-lookin fingers ever - they look they belong on nosferatu. oh, and he is very unwashed lately. i do love this is hardcore, though he discussed how that was the worst period of his life - it is a fantastic britpop album, through and through.

jmk sent me this npr link to a spoon show in dc, with opener the ponys. when we went to see spoon in chicago, we dawdled at the sushi restaurant beforehand so that we wouldn't have to see the ponys. i am so fucking sick of them - they open for everyone all the time in chicago, they played lolla, and i even ran into their set at sxsw in austin. ugggh. they suck.

ecf sent this to me, noting that when he first saw the headline he was pretty sure it was about me. i'm not going to get into it, but i have been known to not let things go and to use the internet for nefarious purposes - when warranted, of course. because i do not like having money stolen from me, and i will let that person know. and YES i am still pissed about getting ripped off on ebay, okay? i am entitled to be a little bit crazy about it. ooops - scaring boyfriend, and i just moved in. i best gets to chillin.

my friend cl is in the new york times this week! with a photo, too, of her measuring a huge tree, and all because she's one of those people who actually do shit about the environment, not wait for others to take care of it (like me). can you grab me one of those spotted owls, cl? they're cute. i want one.

and, finally, i like it when rich assholes go to jail: the douche who spent millions having 50 cent, aerosmith, tom petty, the eagles, and kenny g play at his daughter's bat mitzvah (i wonder which ones his 12-year-old daughter was a fan of) was buuuuusted for basically being a war profiteer. fucker.

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SP said...

How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM as I like to call it) is actually hilarious and really inventive. The way Scrubs was unique when it first came out, or like Coupling, with the fantasy sequences and playing around in time. And NPH is FANTASTIC in it.