Thursday, October 04, 2007

i had the kooky "three's company" theme song in my head for the first three days i was in town.

i hear that san diego is a really nice city. i wouldn't know - i pretty much worked the entire time i was there, attending meetings and receptions and dinners and even a work-related 5k. the best times i had were: going to star club with jmk, which purports itself to be one of the top-20 dives in the country (it was gross and very well-lit, not a good combo, but fun and cheap); going to some really swank mod bar in the barrio with some clients and not being able to get a cab to come out and pick us up for well over an hour; going out for mexican and beers with coworkers, which included jmk and five girls, and a table of cute brits sent him a beer to cheers him and tell him that they don't know how he does it, but he's the man. it was cute - we were even sitting around the table in a way that made jmk the center of attention, like we were his harem.

i watched vh1 while getting ready in the morning and that is apprently the only time of day when they play videos, and i saw all sorts of lame shit but i also caught the new silverchair song, "straight lines," and i swear to god that i cannot get it out of my head. i don't even know if it's any good - it has hooked itself into my brain and will not let go. download here and be warned that it might follow you around, too. alls i know about silverchair is that they were famous at like 15, the lead singer was manorexic, and he married natalie "torn" imbruglia. and i have never liked them. until this song.

stereogum released a ten-year anny collection of ok computer covers (that was 10 years ago? wow), and has now done the same with REM's automatic for the people (at the 15 year mark, which makes me feel even more old now). i was so excited for this album to come out - i got really into REM when i was 14 - all of my birthday presents that year from my friends were the back-catalogue cds and they all came in longboxes (remember those?). i had my dad go to musicland (the same one that i would later toil in for a quarter over minimum wage) on the day that automatic came out because i had to babysit, and we all know how very important it is to get an album the day it comes out. i fucking worshipped michael stipe - i thought he was hott and sensitive and brilliant and i stopped eating meat and it was like the best moment of my life when i found out that my mom had to go to athens, ga, for work, and that she was going to bring me along. anyway, go enjoy the covers. not as good as the originals, of course.

stole this from goldenfiddle - it is "what happens when you take a good idea and a retarded idea and mash them together" - lolsecretz!

also from goldenfiddle - a page featuring all of the directorial and commercial work of david "seven, zodiac, fight club" fincher. i can't watch these at work cuz i am blocked from downloading quicktime (as well as itunes, which is why i suffer constantly. i am forced to use the shitastic windows media player and i hates it).

i rarely trust companies' assertions that they give back to the community (walmart can suck it), or that they want to protect their consumers (like, this page on the rj reynolds website is clearly only there to cover their asses), and it doesn't impress me that you can now get apple slices at mcdonalds when the menu looks like this, but this dove commercial is really good, and i heard the ex ceo of mcdonald's speak in san diego, and he made me want to build a ronald mcdonald house for sick kids and their families with my own money.

radar interviews siouxsie sioux. she has very interesting plans for michael vick if he ever runs into her. she wrote one of my personal anthems (though it is, like "christine sixteen," spelled wrong) - "christine, the strawberry girl."

and now: a stuffed uterus. but safe for work. really.

for people who hate to work, and want to fly low-tech computer animated helicopters, click here.

not sure how this will be, but am curious to hear the reviews: new strange film where they splice interview audio with kurt cobain so that he narrates a documentary about his life. trailer found here.

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