Tuesday, October 09, 2007

i'm done with summer. please end now.

so the chicago marathon was this weekend and it was basically a death match clusterfuck (even the ny times wrote about it here). firstly, i don't understand why the fuck it's in the 80s in OCTOBER. global warming clearly exists. secondly, the marathon was totally poorly managed and fucked up. tc and sb ran it - here is part of an email she sent the next day:

Despite the statements the race director has made in the news, I can assure you that there was not enough water/gatorade along the course. Most of the official race aid stations I approached either didn't have gatorade or didn't have anything at all. The runners around me and I resorted to running off the course to find water fountains, drinking out of the nasty ass reflecting pools/fountains in front of residential high rises and running into convenience stores to buy liquids.

gross. also, she didn't even get to finish - they called it off when she was on mile 16. what a pisser.

postsecret brings people together, sometimes in creepy ways that i wont be participating in, but hey, that's cool for you if it makes you happy; i'm glad that SOMETHING does. sometimes i wanna slash my throat after reading the latest collection.

reality tv is unethical and lame: When the sister of a woman who appeared on ABC's "Extreme Makeover" committed suicide in 2004, the contestant sued the network for wrongful death and other charges. The contestant, who was competing to win free plastic surgery but lost, claimed that her sister had felt so guilty about mocking her appearance on the program that she killed herself. ABC settled the case for an undisclosed amount last year.

what's not to like? - bunnies, playdoh, and my favorite stones song. watch here.

super funny post from death from above here.

i'm not sure if there will ever be peace in the middle east, but at least the oasis vs blur feud is officially over.

is bob barker as big of a bastard as everyone says? he's like everyone's favorite rich uncle, who gives you crates of dish soap and avocado-hued dishwashers for your birthday, and you know that he's a dirty old man with wandering hands, but he cares so much about neutering, so you forgive him for it. well, another employee is suing and describes it as "an atmosphere of terror on the show." come to think of it, bob does look like the undead, so . . .

the best iphone review published this fall via mcsweeney's. thanks to ea for the link.

i looooooove it when local news anchors fuck up. i spent a lot of time watching various links online - some fellow nerds have even compiled lengthy best-ofs. this one is short and super funny, i'm gonna assume that this guy was demoted to covering church carnivals. people sent me some after i shared the ones above - zp sent me this weather man (screamy freakout) and this slip-up, which is the only proof that someone at fox news has insight (they predicted that it would be on youtube). tb sent me this excruciating sports reporter's horrible report - the four minutes feels more like 20.

so, yeah, back to packing up my apartment. i need more boxes.


Miss Misc said...

No you don't need more boxes. Come get your lovely plastic tubs that are partially blocking my front door.

le said...

I read that it was only 88 outside during the chicago marathon. you call that heat?!?! come to phoenix, where we dream of 88. cool, refreshing 88. maybe in November. today's high is 97...