Friday, October 26, 2007

i'm gonna eat spanish tapas for dinner and i can't wait. i'm also finding it difficult to come up with a decent header for this post.

saw queens of the stone age last night at the riv. the opening band, the black angels, sucked so bad that i eventually yelled this at them when they finally got off the stage (i was a little boozed up and half the crowd was booing). i'm not the biggest qotsa fan but it was fun. the crowd was 90 percent dudes and it has been a long time since i have seen a mosh pit and body surfing. pos really wanted to go, and since i am taking him to see tori amos in a few weeks, i figured that it was the least i could do. after we left and were walking to the car, we decided to duck into a pizza place and get a slice just so that we could use the bathroom. when i was waiting for him a nice and seemingly normal guy who had been at the show started talking to me and it made me really happy to know that, despite my advancing age and domestic-partnered status, i can still get hit on.

speaking of shitty opening bands, that horrible shrieker kristeen young was fired from morrissey's tour. she really did blow. we have the same name (i'm a k, too, SO MUCH BETTER than christine or, as my parents originally named me until my grandmother bitched about it for six months and my mom finally had it legally changed, cristine - and thank god, cuz that's hideous) except kristeen spells it retarded. there have been so many bad openers that i've seen, but sometimes you hear a really great band for the first time. like when i saw the white stripes open for sleater-kinney in 2000 or early 2001 - THAT was a good find.

skanks millions to death from below for these links: i dont understand how this works but it freaks my shit out because i can make her switch. weird! and this is a totally bizarre newscast - first of all, it's disgusting. secondly, their reporting is unprofessional (did she seriously just say "leave a log"?). and thirdly, people actually live in eastern idaho?

speaking of bizarro newscasts, jmk sent me this video of wayne coyne doing the weather on an oklahoma city morning show. i love his suit and undone bowtie, which i think he wears every day. kinda homeless looking but very hott!

jmk also sent me these: this news article describes how to punish someone you catch mid-robbery in your home, and this article is almost too painfully retarded to read. it will fit in nicely as a topic of conversation at jmk's halloween party this weekend, as most people are going as characters from the big lebowski. i'm most likely going to go as carol, so i need to figure out how to do my hair in a crooked beehive and locate some fake roaches to put into it.

have a good weekend, peeps. i hope my middle finger feels better soon. i think i jammed it when i was moving shit around this week and i need it to feel non-arthritis-y so that i can use it for uses both proper (typing, holding things, typical finger usage) and improper (non-verbally demonstrate my displeasure).

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I'm a little turned on by the Betty White picture. Is that wrong?