Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my retarded goth/druid roommate sophomore year got really pious about how important and special halloween is. we, surprisingly, don't talk anymore.

some wendy's employees (the girls in red yarn braid wigs and weird holly hobby clothes) passed out free breakfast burritos in front of the wrigley building this morning. it was egg and sausage wrapped in a tortilla. i ate it at my desk about 10 minutes after they handed it to me. it was . . . salty. that's about it, salty. i also got a coupon for a free breakfast combo at wendy's before the end of the year. i am a big supporter of good breakfast. i try to eat cereal or yogurt in the morning before work, but pos and i almost always have a good brunch on the weekends. i don't like a lot of fast food breakfasts because most of them are like eating a salt lick, and the worst meal i think i have ever had was at the atlanta airport at like 5 am at this nasty burger place called krystal's - my flight from sarasota to atlanta the night before had been fine, but then my second leg to chicago was delayed and canceled for no particular reason. i was sent to a dumpy motel and given a $5 meal voucher (hey, THANKS, five bucks goes far) and by the time i got myplate of krystal's i was delirious from bad travel, little sleep and no food. my breakfast was gluey plain grits, a cold biscuit, some "eggs," and a patty of meat that, upon placing into my mouth, i immediately thought "this is what salted horse tastes like" and spit it out.

it's okay if my breakfast was kinda gross this morning. i have meatloaf sammiches for lunch (mmmm - cold meatloaf on white bread with butter) cuz i made two meatloaves the other night in my newfound domesticity, and candy abounds all over the office. btw, the word "loaf" is repulsive.

the nyt talks to fancy chefs (including the guy from moto) and chocolatiers about halloween candy and what they'll be passing out.

excellent commentary on radiohead (and madonna) from the guy in mogwai found here.

i bet we'll have a ton of trick-or-treaters tonight. i don't think i've ever had real trick-or-treaters since i've lived on my own - most parents don't want their kids entering apartment buildings or knocking on the dilapidated doors of shared houses. a lot of houses and yards in the neighborhood take decorating for holidays very seriously - huge blow-up pumpkins and tons of cottony spider webs and lawn ornaments and skeletons and ghosts. it looks strange to see all of this crap around their virgin mary statues in their front yards. one house has a stone goose statue on the front porch and it gets an outfit change for holidays (a cape and a hat of varying holiday prints). i don't ever want to be like any of those people. a carved pumpkin, maybe. that's about where i draw the line.

this is so sad and deranged - and further proof that very little good ever comes out of craigslist.

so i didn't go as carol to jmk's halloween party - i spent all saturday unpacking and doing laundry and i didn't have the time or gumption to gather elderly lady accoutrements and to make myself look old and crazy. i borrowed pos' michael meyers mask and a mechanical jumpsuit he had at an old job. i looked pretty creepy. they all had me run downstairs and cross the street, staring up at them in the window, but the photos didn't turn out. it was rad when an old woman drove by and i was just standing there, in my mask, staring. here is a photo of me on the front porch. i met lots of people at the party - an amy winehouse, a hooters waitress, a slutty girl scout, a slutty sailor, a slutty punk rock girl, a slutty bumble bee . . . notice a pattern? there was also a nun, and the guys were all fully dressed - darth vader, walter from the big lebowski, the dude from the big lebowski, a stereotypical mexican (poncho, sombrero, cap gun). it was fun. i like halloween parties because everyone talks to each other.

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lou dobbs said...

Did the stereotypical Mexican sneak in the back door and take everyone else's cocktails and candy?