Thursday, October 04, 2007

new barfroom!

the bathroom has been redone, just in time for pos' sister to come visit (she lives in ireland with her husband and three kids, and she and the youngest are arriving tomorrow) and for me to move in (october 20 and i need to start packing). behold the difference that new tile, a new window, etc can make.

no more tub floor appliques! no more mysterious hole patched up with plastic and duct tape! i love new construction smell.

and i love pos. he's so cute and sweet and he set his phone so that it plays matthew sweet's "girlfriend" when i call him.


excellent before and afters. we had to return the curved shower curtain because it stuck out too far.


hELLSkITCHEN said...

I just now realized that my bathroom used to look like a clandestine meth lab.....

SarahReznor said...

Cool! I'm so happy for you, he is a unicorn! new bath looks great! I love new construction smell too.

mykljak said...

At first I confused the before with the after. I realized my mistake just as the top of my head was about to fly off and stick to the ceiling. Phew!