Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"basically, i wish that you loved me / i wish that you needed me / i wish that you knew when i said two sugars, i meant three"

saw tori amos last night. i was really surprised that there were so many dudes there - the crowd was half men, half women, i would guess. there were also a fair number of superfans, as well as severely annoying "if i just shove my way to the front, i win" bitches and a few people standing very obviously by themselves. tears for them. tori has become more of a performance artist than your typical singer-songwriter-with-a-piano. for starters, she is a tiny little thing, all lean and angular and kinda cyborgy, and she attacks her piano in more of a squatting lunge than actually sitting on a bench. and she does this in heels, for hours a day. no wonder she looked so muscular. she performed using two of her "personalities" or whatever she's doing with her american girl posse phase - she came out in a black wig and very high-fashion sequined tank dress with metallic leggings and heels, and she was aggressive and sexual, humping the floor, touching herself, and being snarly in general. she opened with "cruel" (all of her old songs were redone in ways that made them more rock, for the most part) and when that was done pos turned to me and said "HBIC." it was funny, and true. halfway through the show she changed outfits and personas, wearing a retarded metallic leopard-print jumpsuit romper and a red wig, and she finally said hi to the crowd and was more chipper in general. it was a good show - two hours, lots of old reworked songs and some of the better songs off of the new album. it was a bit too overdramatic for me when she did "me and a gun" (a sad song about being raped from her first album that is usually a capella); she sort of made it into an angry stomper while fondling a butcher knife and then grabbing a prop gun and pointing it at the audience. sometimes a little restraint helps make the point.

a lot of the songs sounded the same - that was pos' one complaint, and i agreed. maybe that's why a girl over in the next section vomited and retched really loudly during the usually very pretty old tori standard "winter."

okay, so on to something that most people will actually care about . . .

nr sent me what she refers to as her new favorite blog (traitor): it's a collection of photos from abandoned chi-chis. random. divine.

i neglected to tell people that it's nsfw when i sent out this collection of paintings on nude bodies that kk had sent me. i was still too speechless to properly address the semi-porniness of it - they're really creepy. so consider yourself warned.

i hope that this guy is joking in the way that i hope that ann coulter is an elaborate performance artist - watch video here.

do yourself a favor and download all of the kate nash songs that you can find. she's like a non-annoying lily allen - young british girl with a guitar singing about souring relationships and unrequited love. i adore the songs "the nicest thing," "merry happy," and "foundations." itunes doesn't have her complete album (made of bricks) so go to hype machine and see what you can find.

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