Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"bobbing like some pigeons lookin for a crumb"

i haven't posted because i don't have internet at home (we really need to get on that) and cuz work is supa bizzy.

wow, i just annoyed myself with my mizzpellins.

bettah lame than never.

nostalgia: when i was in dc i hung out at toledo lounge (second in my heart, back in the day, only to the pharmacy bar - read about both here) and got to be friendly with a server named chris. he even took me to popeye's for lunch once (long story). his band the nighties would play small venues in town - like velvet lounge, and i saw them sweating their asses off on the little stage at the back of dccd when it was still open - and i thought they were rad. kate from the glorious hum posted about john bustine and i remembered that chris had played with him as john bustine and the woolfs, and so i went a-googling and found these nighties mp3s on the wapo's site (i love you, wapo, i really, really do). i moved to chicago and chris moved to new york and i hope he still plays music, cuz he's a cool guy and i liked his band. i used to listen to "the mouse" cranked up in my little office at corps network and sing along - "when the cat catches the mouse he says whoo-ooh-ohh-ooooo."

i did this and you might want to, too - send yourself (or someone else) an email to be delivered whenever you want - like, ten years from now. dear future me, did you ever allow pos to cut the little pebble embedded into your palm out with his pocket knife? cuz he really wants to.

beth ditto is the current bust cover girl, and here is an interview with spin. i like her. she really doesn't give a shit about what people think.

here's an article about marc jacobs, patron saint of handbags that i adore and covet, and martyr of the fashion industry. now that he's older and hotter and has a sketchy young bf, people be hatin on him. don't you fuss, marc, and could you maybe do a kelly green leather handled zippered bag with silver hardware? thanxxx.

ea sent this to me - a 20-year-old wisconsin woman wins Best Mommy 07. she sounds really smart and responsible. i recently read something that made me smile - someone was discussing the notion that parents want to be kool and liked, and the person said "why would your kid want a 40-year-old friend?"

update on fb's professor who brutally beat his wife to death with a chin-up bar while she wrapped christmas presents: he now admits that he did it. surprise. what a shitty xmas.

SIGH. another fucking terrible tattoo found here. why? WHY?!?!?!?

rm sent me the above link, as well as this one, to the best marketing and branding scheme i have laid eyes on. the jacket's lining is THAT soft.

and, finally, big personal-life news: tb and js got engaged! my big brother is gettin hitched. they're planning a may wedding in chicago. i'm very happy for both of them.

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