Wednesday, November 21, 2007


i'm not gonna change the template to the blog (i used to use the white background/light circles design that blogger offers and when i changed it to what it is now, all of my photos in old posts got jacked up - check this out for an example) so when i get bored i switch out the links. i added a bunch and took out some. the ones i removed are either because they are never updated or because i don't ever visit them anymore.

let me know if there are any that you miss or if you have recommendations for new links. i try to stick to blogs only, or corporate websites (mcsweeney's, the av club) that try to keep it bloggy-style.

here is a memorial service for the links i removed. i feel badly that i am removing my own brother's blog, but whatevs, he hasn't updated it in a year.

the syracusan

pressure release

plant camp

not fooling anybody

that's my girl, asshole


free indie mp3s

mocking music

the test pilot

the underrated blog

what would jesus blog?


mykljak said...

I made the cut! I made the cut!

the syracusan said...

The Syracusan will rise again in T-minus 7 months. Mark my words.