Friday, November 02, 2007

how the fuck is it only 4 pm? i've been sitting at this desk for at least 27 hours.

tomorrow's onion rip-off-a-page-every-day desk calendar headline: "special olympics investigated for performance-enhancing hugs."

here is a great and funny article about how the clothes make the man that i read in the week (best news magazine evah) and was reminded of it cuz mj posted it. it's by that ex-orthodox jewish guy who wrote the new memoir foreskin's lament that sounds super funny and good.

horses may only be disabled unicorns (no horn, lack of magic) but this was one of the weirdest/funniest televised sporting events of all time.

you know how you'll sometimes sing along with a song that you dont know the lyrics for, so you just sort of fill in the spaces with gibberish in the right tone? meet amy winehouse, who has to do that to songs that she actually wrote.

you can go to this website to enter your political concerns and it tells you what presidential candidates most match your ideals. apparently former senator mike gravel (D-AK) shares a 90% similarity with my beliefs. interesting - considering i know nothing about this dude. best of luck, man - i am 90 percent behind you. although, isn't he kinda . . . too elderly? i mean, he's six years older than mccain, and bitch is OLD.

ea forwarded this post that features pages from a 1977 jc penney catalogue, and it's pure comic gold (and avocado, and burnt orange). i had TOTALLY FORGOTTEN about my dad's late-70s swim trunks that came with a matching button-down shirt until i saw a similar ensemble here.

nick hornby has a new book coming out. even though it's "teen lit" i'll still read it. good interview here.

very random: there is something really lame about some cbs channel's website putting together two slideshows of openly gay celebrities (it has a freak-show, looking-at-animals-at-the-zoo element to it) but then again, this wouldn't have been half as populated with confirmed gay people 10 years ago, so at least it shows progress. all i know is that i am surprised to learn that lesley gore is gay. lezlie gore.

there were some people missing from that slideshow, including at least one of these guys, but maybe they just kept the emphasis on "celebrities" and not "sad, delusional hanger-ons."

speaking of delusions, saw lars and the real girl this week (i am kinda obsessed with real doll owners) and it was pretty good - the story line involving all of the townsfolk being really understanding and pretending that his sex doll was a real girl was totally not believable, but ryan gosling was great and i just found his delusion that she was real to be really sad. i don't know if many real doll owners believe that their doll speaks to them and is a real person, but my favorite, davecat, loves fucking his. and being non-sexually intimate as well, of course. here he is in an excerpt from the hour-long bbc documentary (it's a must-see) and - ta da! - i found his blog.

and, finally - elderly prostitutes.

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lesley gore said...

It's my party and I'll munch carpet if I want to.

(But I had no idea that Suze Orman eats at the Y too.)