Saturday, December 29, 2007

the 200GR8 mix

i started making and mailing out new years / holiday mixes for friends scattered and near a few years ago. the first one i made was almost all xmas music, but done by bands i like and a few classics thrown in, and ecf had the audacity to tell me what a piece of shit it was. now i just make mixes with my favorite songs of the year, with an emphasis on tracks that i doubt everyone has. almost all of these songs are finds from my beloved music blogs, and i can honestly say that i had not heard of over 80 percent of these bands a year ago.

i have to say that "going to a town" might win for my favorite song of the year. it's super sad and poignant and quietly political, and rufus has a beautiful voice. one track that i listened to non-stop this year is the arcade fire's "keep the car running" but i was pretty sure that everyone i made a cd for would already have it.

everyone who hears "thou shalt always kill" repeats random lines from it in a bad british accent for days afterwards.

make your own - go to hype machine and happy downloading!


1. all fired up - tralala
2. nicest thing - kate nash
3. collarbone - fujiya & miyagi
4. i go to the barn because i like the - band of horses
5. lake michigan - rogue wave
6. straight lines - silverchair
7. bounce that - girl talk
8. you made me like it - 1990s
9. bad education - tilly & the wall
10. stuck for the summer - two hours traffic
11. blue bird - the rosebuds
12. you broke my heart - lavendar diamond
13. thou shalt always kill - dan le sac vs. scroobius pip
14. going to a town - rufus wainwright
15. all that i can do - baby teeth
16. violets - candy bars
17. rumors - josh ritter
18. paris is burning - st. vincent
19. oh my gosh - man like me
20. bang theory - world leader pretend
21. don't give up - noisettes

Friday, December 28, 2007

year-end wrap up: boox

this is what i read in 2007. i think that i could do better and read more. thanks to my newish and borderline-ridiculous commute (an hour and 20 minutes door-to-door that requires brisk walking, a bus AND a train), i expect to read even more this year.

i put a star next to the ones i recommend. i read too many books that i am "eh" about. i always have to finish them, even when i don't like them.

the devil in the white city - erik larson*
family and other accidents - shari goldhagen
love is a mix tape - rob sheffield*
little children - tom perrotta*
another bullshit night in suck city - nick flynn
best american nonrequired reading 2006*
appetites: why women want - carolyn knapp*
back when we were grown-ups - anne tyler
a long way down - nick hornby*
the dive from clausen's pier - ann packer
possible side effects - augusten burroughs*
nirvana's in utero (33 1/3 series) - gillian g. garr
runaway - alice munro*
eat the document - dana spiotta
pretty little mistakes - heather mcelhatten*
the year of magical thinking - joan didion*
the virgin suicides - jeffrey eugenides*
best american nonrequired reading 2007*
truth and beauty - ann patchett*
america: the book - jon stewart/the daily show*
kitchen confidential - anthony bourdain*

my favorite of the year was probably love is a mix tape. i have no idea why i read that entire anne tyler book - it really sucked.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

what my mom wants for christmas

Hi Kids,

Just in case you need/want a Christmas suggestion from me, I'd like some music by Joss Stone. While in England we watched her perform twice on TV and I really liked her. Then just the other night when flipping channels I saw her performing with L Rhimes. They also had tapes of them talking. It was awful to see Joss Stone take a backseat to Rhimes. Joss has "IT" plus a superior voice. I'd also like home made "vouchers" to spend time with you for going to the movies, bike riding, and just hanging out. And there's a kitchen tool that spreads out dough very thinly make by that company that has home parties that Danny has for his pizzas that would be wonderful to have. I just can't think of the name of the company (not Tupperware). I think I already asked for a pizza stone - or 2 - which would be very convenient and take out the excess calories when I make pizzas at home.

For your dad, who has "no" ideas I came up with the following: a cell phone with a select number of minutes that we could repurchase as needed. He really won't get into using it like the you kids use yours or even as I use my own. But when he has a real need, then at least he'll have one. He also needs a new fragrance. That 360 just doesn't do it for me anymore. Yow! I can say I now hate the smell. Any ideas? He also needs to replace one of those magnetic necklaces that was purchased by Dale Moore. I'm not sure Dale is even in business anymore, so if you have a source, you could get it and I could reimburse you. I also plan to get him those shoe liners your Aunt Nancy is now selling (30) which I think he'll enjoy as men make her best customers. Last year the books on Ireland that Jenny gave us were a real hit so if coffee table books on England/The Lake District/The Cotswolds/ Wales/Scotland or on New York City can be found, those would be great, too. Did I tell you how much your dad loved New York? I got such a kick out of him saying it made him feel young to be there. I guess that means we'll get to go there more often.

Hope this is helpful. And do let me know if there are some things you would want. We have just another week to shop. I don't go shopping on Christmas Eve! Also try to come home earlier in the day on Christmas Eve.



we never made it to the hollyday party we were supposed to go to on saturday night - we drove a few miles in horrible snow and wind - people were only going 35 or 40 on the interstate - and we turned around and went back home. we were watching tv and a clearblue easy commercial came on, and the tagline was so fucking amazingly funny i was bawling i laughed so hard (i had also just drank half a bottle of wine). watch it here. brilliant.

pos had me go to the american girls store to get his niece a gift certificate, and some businessman douche ahead of me in line said to the cashiers, a little too loudly, "so where's the adult room with the blow-up dolls?" they all lightly chuckled to his completelyfuckingobnoxious joke, and i just stared at him with pure hate. he then paid for $240 worth of shit for the darling little girl in his life. ick. ick. ick.

yumz! quick recipes for 101 easy-to-make appetizers! since it's from the new york times, the most respected newspaper in the world (err, it is still, right?), i don't feel matronly or lame for posting this - i feel well-informed and fascinating.

popular mexican musicians keep getting killed, most likely by drug gangs. why can't someone get on this north of the border? i've got a list.

i had a brief love affair with the retardo splendor that is "lolcats" (that walrus and his bucket thing is still funny to me) but i had forgotten about them. and then i saw this, in which one replaces housecat/walrus with mangled third-world-country baby and . . . well, not totally lol, you know?

tb sent me this - it's rap and hip hop, in graphic detail. i dig the threadless shirt that visually demonstrates "mo money mo problems."

an actor from my all-time favorite movie, beyond the valley of the dolls, died in november (michael blodgett wasn't exactly a household name, so i just heard about it). god bless you, lance rocke - "golden hair, bedroom eyes, the firm young body, these are the tools which he plies his trade." if it had been z-man i would have been truly crushed. pos posted a shout-out to lance rocke on the dead pool page. speaking of dead pool, i have two weeks to have a lot of old people (or just one or two young ones) die - i'm in second place, but trailing by 68 points. i have been working on the 2008 list and it's a good one.

tori seriously is the HBIC - she kicked two bitches out of her show because they didn't appreciate it. tori fans are VERY INTO HER, so it was probably rather disconcerting for her to see two front-row-dwellers walking around and not worshiping her/cutting themselves. watch video here. also, the ear farm has given her song "yes, anastasia" the 8+ treatment (where they write about and post songs that are longer than 8 minutes). who knew that's what the song was about? i've never tried too hard to decipher tori's lyrics - they're almost always about god, sex and relationships, just described in very strange terms.

speaking of ear farm, here is an amazingly great mp3 mix: 10 songs by artists that sassy featured under their "cute band alert" feature. the ear farm dude hadn't known what sassy was and said, "If I was a girl growing up in the early '90s I'd probably be lamenting the loss of such a well put together magazine directed at young women." preach on, brother. i never tire of mentioning how much i loved that fucking magazine, and how bitterly disappointing it is to become an adult (prior tirade in this post).

pos went and cut down a tree for us this year when i was busy with some lame weekend work shit, but we got to decorate it together. maybe next year pos and i will attempt the mountain dew tree. he has few vices, but diet dew is one of them (puke). he was so proud that he found two cans of diet code red mountain dew a few weeks ago. i will blame these sodas when he dies.

here is a photo gallery of kids squirming and crying to get away from the super-creepy dude in the white beard and red velvet suit. santa is pretty traumatizing - you have to sit on his lap and tell him that you're nice and he should give you stuff? you ask him to enter your house while you're asleep? he can ALWAYS see you? get that fucker away from me.

elaborate performance art or new depths of self-obsessed narcissistic "celebrity" (term used very loosely) worship? not only can you buy vincent gallo's sperm and sex, you can also buy his childhood bedspread, as well as random junk from his basement. the charles manson painting is . . . not very good.

i am unfamiliar with livejournal communities, but this one looks promising - pages of tacky and retro shit from old catalogues.

great article and interview with nick hornby about the differences between his new book, being marketed as a "young adult" book, and his other works.

do you feel bad about downloading songs for free? do you feel like you just cheated a struggling artist, like madonna, out of her hard-earned money because you didn't pay for that "like a prayer" mp3? now you can send a thank-you note and some money, guilt-free, with this highly entertaining program: dear rockers. a sample excerpt, for axl rose:

I’m sorry, I hope you won’t invite me to “get in the ring,” but I downloaded some of your soon-to-be-finished songs from the soon-to-be-released Chinese Democracy. It made me feel good, it made me feel cheap and it made me feel guilty. So in return, I wanted to give you back the $17 (one dollar for every year you have spent polishing this gem in the studio/writing/recording/ranting). We all know that this is going to be the greatest album of all time. (Sorry, Kid Rock).

karl rove must really fucking hate hilary, because he wrote a memo to obama on how to beat her. he's right. for the first time. no hates for hill - i just don't think she can win, and i am SO OVER the republitards and the utter shambles that our country is in.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

lovely day

life is good. we finally got internet access at the house - we were indecisive and lame about it for almost two months (don't want to get a phone landline, don't want to pay shitty installation fee for direct tv's version of wireless, etc) and finally got a verizon broadband thing that i plug into a usb port and am magically connected. so now i think i'll be able to post a lot more often. i had to pay some bills online last weekend so we went to the burger king because it has free wifi. you know shit is bad when the burger king has internet access and you don't. so i am pleased as punch that it's fixed.

had an interesting morning: hung over from yesterday's work holiday party (nice lunch and open bar at the james hotel - i won a fuzzy hotel robe in the raffle - and then on to rossi's, an old man/iron worker bar downtown where we hovered around a bar stool with a piece of shelving that the bartender gave us balanced on top to play left-center-right, a dice game involving chips and binge drinking), we went and saw shellac at the hideout (site of pos' and my legendarily great first date). it was a noon show - they had free donuts and i drank mugs of coffee, and then listened to loud noise rock that was actually really good. steve albini is a good front man - charismatic and funny, but also aggressive. impressive for a 45-year-old music legend who looks like i could probably beat up. they took questions between songs and sat on the stage and sold shirts afterwards - normal-seeming guys who are generous to their fans.

i have an inbox choked with shit to post, since i haven't properly blogged in weeks. here's some good stuff . . .

the new york post proves once again that it is the klassiest rag on the planet. love those domestic violence jokes. speaking of which, i really love this unaired canadian psa against domestic violence. domestic violence isn't funny, obviously, but a psa where someone says "you fucking bitch" is a little bit funny. maybe i just think that things that make me uncomfortable are funny. that's a question for a mind wizard (therapist). anyway, it's nsfw. thanks to rm for the ike headline. and i really love feministing, the blog that the psa is off of - they are collecting donations for website upgrades. even though they met their goal, i slid some cash their way and you should think about supporting blogs that you read/appreciate. like this one. i kid.

speaking of nsfw, here are photos of an art exhibit dedicated entirely to the golden girls (and those with an elderly lady fetish).

i just finished reading miranda july's short story collection, no one belongs here more than you. check out the story "majesty" - she rivals joyce carol oates in straight-forward creepiness. the book's site is a series of notes she wrote on her kitchen appliances. i really like her "learning to love you more" project. she doesn't make me want to poop back and forth forever or anything, but she is really interesting.

oops - gotta go to a holiday party. more soon. for reals this time - i gots wired!

Friday, December 07, 2007

happy birfday pos

my bf is 37 today. bitch is old.

sorry that i am a crabass who hates her job and bitches about it probably too much (and i grind my teeth at night cuz i'm thinking about how much i hate my job, which wakes you up, and that is so gross, but you just touch my face and i stop and you are still, inexplicably, attracted to me).

i loves you!