Saturday, December 29, 2007

the 200GR8 mix

i started making and mailing out new years / holiday mixes for friends scattered and near a few years ago. the first one i made was almost all xmas music, but done by bands i like and a few classics thrown in, and ecf had the audacity to tell me what a piece of shit it was. now i just make mixes with my favorite songs of the year, with an emphasis on tracks that i doubt everyone has. almost all of these songs are finds from my beloved music blogs, and i can honestly say that i had not heard of over 80 percent of these bands a year ago.

i have to say that "going to a town" might win for my favorite song of the year. it's super sad and poignant and quietly political, and rufus has a beautiful voice. one track that i listened to non-stop this year is the arcade fire's "keep the car running" but i was pretty sure that everyone i made a cd for would already have it.

everyone who hears "thou shalt always kill" repeats random lines from it in a bad british accent for days afterwards.

make your own - go to hype machine and happy downloading!


1. all fired up - tralala
2. nicest thing - kate nash
3. collarbone - fujiya & miyagi
4. i go to the barn because i like the - band of horses
5. lake michigan - rogue wave
6. straight lines - silverchair
7. bounce that - girl talk
8. you made me like it - 1990s
9. bad education - tilly & the wall
10. stuck for the summer - two hours traffic
11. blue bird - the rosebuds
12. you broke my heart - lavendar diamond
13. thou shalt always kill - dan le sac vs. scroobius pip
14. going to a town - rufus wainwright
15. all that i can do - baby teeth
16. violets - candy bars
17. rumors - josh ritter
18. paris is burning - st. vincent
19. oh my gosh - man like me
20. bang theory - world leader pretend
21. don't give up - noisettes

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