Saturday, December 15, 2007

lovely day

life is good. we finally got internet access at the house - we were indecisive and lame about it for almost two months (don't want to get a phone landline, don't want to pay shitty installation fee for direct tv's version of wireless, etc) and finally got a verizon broadband thing that i plug into a usb port and am magically connected. so now i think i'll be able to post a lot more often. i had to pay some bills online last weekend so we went to the burger king because it has free wifi. you know shit is bad when the burger king has internet access and you don't. so i am pleased as punch that it's fixed.

had an interesting morning: hung over from yesterday's work holiday party (nice lunch and open bar at the james hotel - i won a fuzzy hotel robe in the raffle - and then on to rossi's, an old man/iron worker bar downtown where we hovered around a bar stool with a piece of shelving that the bartender gave us balanced on top to play left-center-right, a dice game involving chips and binge drinking), we went and saw shellac at the hideout (site of pos' and my legendarily great first date). it was a noon show - they had free donuts and i drank mugs of coffee, and then listened to loud noise rock that was actually really good. steve albini is a good front man - charismatic and funny, but also aggressive. impressive for a 45-year-old music legend who looks like i could probably beat up. they took questions between songs and sat on the stage and sold shirts afterwards - normal-seeming guys who are generous to their fans.

i have an inbox choked with shit to post, since i haven't properly blogged in weeks. here's some good stuff . . .

the new york post proves once again that it is the klassiest rag on the planet. love those domestic violence jokes. speaking of which, i really love this unaired canadian psa against domestic violence. domestic violence isn't funny, obviously, but a psa where someone says "you fucking bitch" is a little bit funny. maybe i just think that things that make me uncomfortable are funny. that's a question for a mind wizard (therapist). anyway, it's nsfw. thanks to rm for the ike headline. and i really love feministing, the blog that the psa is off of - they are collecting donations for website upgrades. even though they met their goal, i slid some cash their way and you should think about supporting blogs that you read/appreciate. like this one. i kid.

speaking of nsfw, here are photos of an art exhibit dedicated entirely to the golden girls (and those with an elderly lady fetish).

i just finished reading miranda july's short story collection, no one belongs here more than you. check out the story "majesty" - she rivals joyce carol oates in straight-forward creepiness. the book's site is a series of notes she wrote on her kitchen appliances. i really like her "learning to love you more" project. she doesn't make me want to poop back and forth forever or anything, but she is really interesting.

oops - gotta go to a holiday party. more soon. for reals this time - i gots wired!


Michele Morgan said...

were you a 2007 atlanta breast cancer 3 day walker? would love to here from you if so.

scissors happy said...

hi michele,

no, i wasn't. i did a few walks in dc with a team of friends in support of one of our friends who had breast cancer, but i haven't walked in atlanta.