Wednesday, December 19, 2007

what my mom wants for christmas

Hi Kids,

Just in case you need/want a Christmas suggestion from me, I'd like some music by Joss Stone. While in England we watched her perform twice on TV and I really liked her. Then just the other night when flipping channels I saw her performing with L Rhimes. They also had tapes of them talking. It was awful to see Joss Stone take a backseat to Rhimes. Joss has "IT" plus a superior voice. I'd also like home made "vouchers" to spend time with you for going to the movies, bike riding, and just hanging out. And there's a kitchen tool that spreads out dough very thinly make by that company that has home parties that Danny has for his pizzas that would be wonderful to have. I just can't think of the name of the company (not Tupperware). I think I already asked for a pizza stone - or 2 - which would be very convenient and take out the excess calories when I make pizzas at home.

For your dad, who has "no" ideas I came up with the following: a cell phone with a select number of minutes that we could repurchase as needed. He really won't get into using it like the you kids use yours or even as I use my own. But when he has a real need, then at least he'll have one. He also needs a new fragrance. That 360 just doesn't do it for me anymore. Yow! I can say I now hate the smell. Any ideas? He also needs to replace one of those magnetic necklaces that was purchased by Dale Moore. I'm not sure Dale is even in business anymore, so if you have a source, you could get it and I could reimburse you. I also plan to get him those shoe liners your Aunt Nancy is now selling (30) which I think he'll enjoy as men make her best customers. Last year the books on Ireland that Jenny gave us were a real hit so if coffee table books on England/The Lake District/The Cotswolds/ Wales/Scotland or on New York City can be found, those would be great, too. Did I tell you how much your dad loved New York? I got such a kick out of him saying it made him feel young to be there. I guess that means we'll get to go there more often.

Hope this is helpful. And do let me know if there are some things you would want. We have just another week to shop. I don't go shopping on Christmas Eve! Also try to come home earlier in the day on Christmas Eve.


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SP said...

OMG. This is amazing. Midwestern moms are seriously the most entertaining e-mailers in the WORLD. And I mean that in a loving way.