Friday, December 28, 2007

year-end wrap up: boox

this is what i read in 2007. i think that i could do better and read more. thanks to my newish and borderline-ridiculous commute (an hour and 20 minutes door-to-door that requires brisk walking, a bus AND a train), i expect to read even more this year.

i put a star next to the ones i recommend. i read too many books that i am "eh" about. i always have to finish them, even when i don't like them.

the devil in the white city - erik larson*
family and other accidents - shari goldhagen
love is a mix tape - rob sheffield*
little children - tom perrotta*
another bullshit night in suck city - nick flynn
best american nonrequired reading 2006*
appetites: why women want - carolyn knapp*
back when we were grown-ups - anne tyler
a long way down - nick hornby*
the dive from clausen's pier - ann packer
possible side effects - augusten burroughs*
nirvana's in utero (33 1/3 series) - gillian g. garr
runaway - alice munro*
eat the document - dana spiotta
pretty little mistakes - heather mcelhatten*
the year of magical thinking - joan didion*
the virgin suicides - jeffrey eugenides*
best american nonrequired reading 2007*
truth and beauty - ann patchett*
america: the book - jon stewart/the daily show*
kitchen confidential - anthony bourdain*

my favorite of the year was probably love is a mix tape. i have no idea why i read that entire anne tyler book - it really sucked.


SP said...

I just got Love is a Mix Tape on audio book (had a freebie from So good so far! Although I'm disappointed that they don't take advantage of the audio nature to play snippets of the songs, I understand that the rights would probably be prohibitivel expensive. Also, will you stop being my friend if I tell you I really liked Back When We Were Grown Ups?

scissors happy said...

i will not friend-dump you over something as trite as liking a shitty book. i might have to start calling you Salty Pepper or Sweet Pea or something else S&P, though, just as anne tyler would have in that book. all of those retardo nicknames for everyone drove me crazy.