Wednesday, January 23, 2008

bullshit i read somewhere else.

some would say that the worst thing about american idol is the shameless manufacturing of celebrity. true, true - but i would argue that its utter disregard for allowing the american public to mock the failures of the mentally unstable is worse. so, uh . . . go watch and cringe here.

jk sent me these really old and seriously creepy ads. awes-some.

mike huckabee was the keynote speaker at my work's convention this fall in san diego, and i was fully prepared to roll my eyes to my coworkers and mutter about what a douche he was while he spoke. instead, he came across as funny, warm and sane. he is on record for having really conservative and wrong views, but he is so good at making himself come across as a human who you might disagree with and not as a sociopath bible beater fuckface, as many of his republican colleagues appear to be, and which, quite frankly, he most likely is. interesting. michael stipe has similar, confused feelings.

back in the day, ooooohhhh, did i love me some stipe. i thought he was GORGEOUS. here he is with heath ledger at a marc jacobs show this fall - tears. i recall that he was also friends with river phoenix, and the heath/river comparisons are pretty spot-on. so if you're an oscar-nominated, young actor, maybe you shouldn't return michael's calls. oof. not funny. oh, and here he is, so very randomly, being dismissed from jury duty. how is that news?

anyway, i started talking about huckabee and ended up talking about heath. bound to happen i suppose. here is a really good non-partisan comparison of all the gentlemen (and a lady) running for president. some of them are still considering themselves candidates?

i already know who my brother (almost 34 and still really into star wars) would vote for. first school board, then president, and someday the emperor of the inter-galaxy council or whateverthefuck they tried to explain in episode two but i was asleep for.

and this is just sick. don't click if you're squeamish about body modification and/or moronic-ness. similarly, here is a page of science-inspired tattoos. um, cool.

2 girls 1 cup has a scholarly paper written about it. it got an F. i have not watched the video, because i don't hate myself, and i have heard enough about it so that it feels like i have seen it. btw, it has its own wikipedia page. that just seems wrong. thanks, jk, for keeping me updated on this important cultural juggernaut.

in the spirit of the dead pool, yet somehow more tasteless, here is a website that has visitors vote for when amy winehouse will die. if you're closest, you win an ipod! young people dying is not funny, but when you're a rich crack addict wasting all goodwill and talent, you don't have very many people to blame (other than your skeevy husband and your wigmaker).

i stole this off of death from below - a feed of the last 50 images uploaded to livejournal. it cautions that it may be very nsfw, as it is randomness at its finest. i'ma gonna bookmark this, methinks - it changes a lot and may be a new source of amazing clip art. also: people are really odd.

some dude (hey check out his name) from the wapo hates on the juno soundtrack - and you know what, i'm with him, for the most part.

i fucking hate cathy, perhaps even more than i hate the family circus (that's a tough call). even when i was a kid, the comic about the football-shaped lameass bitch with the stringy hair and some schlub boyfriend seemed pathetic to me. ag sent me this page (she has equally disgusted opinions). there are fans of that tripe? christ. this shit's depressing. someone give me some chocolate and a shoe sale, cuz i'm a woman, and that's what makes us happy!

oh, fuck today, and this post. just wanna go home. go here and look at parasites that want to be inside you.


Anonymous said...

ok, so Star Wars is SOOOOOOOOOOO over. that shit was over for me in 2005 when i finally found out why darth vader became evil. since then: no mystery.

unrelated note: Viggo (post)Mortem-son got the oscar nod due to that san-pants bath house knife fight in "Eastern Promises"... fearless.

totally related note: "Lord of the Rings" is fucking gay. proof? check out the last hour of part 3.


Anonymous said...

because I feel like it (for no good reason), my top five movies of 2007 (in order):

1. Control
2. Zodiac
3. No Country for Old Men
4. Into the Wild
5. There Will Be Blood

worstmovie of the year:

Spiderman 3