Thursday, January 10, 2008


"there really are no accidents" say these canadian PSAs about workplace safety, complete with blood, explosions, impaling, burns, etc - and they're right. and gruesome. canadian PSAs rule - i still really like the domestic violence one, because it's in-yo-face and fucked up, and actually makes a strong statement.

i'm reading unmarketable: brandalism, copyfighting, mocketing and the erosion of integrity (it's got footnotes, so i feel like i'm in college again) and i was led to this collection of riot grrrl articles from the early 90s in mainstream press like seventeen and newsweek - they're a bit unintentionally hilarious and so very dated. i was going through a box from my parents' basement when i was home over the holidays and i found a little note mailed from erin smith from bratmobile that thanked me for the stamps for her zine but she still needed two bucks, and she told me that they would be playing in madison that spring and that i should check them out. i had totally forgotten about this piece of paper, and i think it is so rad that i have the perfect little memento to such a time period. i was just a girl in a rural midwestern town waiting to grow up so that she could movethefuckaway, and without music and zines i would have totally fucking hated my life (instead of "mostly"). i have intense nostalgia for the american culture of the early 90s these days.

i found this article on "shopdropping" and saved the link because i thought it would make an amusing addition to the blog, and, interestingly enough, i just read in unmarketable about the author (she's chicago-based) getting busted for shopdropping cards at the american girls store, where she is now permanently banned. i wish they would ban me - pos makes me go buy his niece a gift certificate every xmas and i don't wanna get their creepy catalog anymore.

yes, the dead pool is macabre, and maybe a little bit mean-spirited, but sometimes candidates beat their addictions, illnesses and craziness - here's an article about natasha lyonne, who i had on my 2006 dead pool list (she was strung out for a few years there, hitting the tabloids for threatening to rape her neighbor's dog). she seems to be fine. for now. brah ha ha ha ha.

enjoy it while it lasts: even the douchiest jerkoff republican pundits are feeling the love for obama. as for his loss in new hampshire, all i have to say is that i lived there for a year and those people are not good representatives of the american public at large.

in case you were wondering what natalie merchant has been up to . . . yeah, me neither. this is mostly an article on bands and artists who were critical darlings and had sizable fan bases but now find themselves without recording contracts.

the record industry is in shambles, article 2: david byrne sets you straight on what the future of the industry will look like.

and, here's the third: this article describes how the riaa is now saying that copying a cd that you purchased to your computer and, say, listening to it as am mp3 or downloading it to your ipod, is stealing. i will be thrilled when those bastards get a fucking clue and completely collapse in on themselves.

and, finally: this situation basically sounds like a stanley kubrick adaptation of a robert cormier book made in 1972 - sadistic teenagers lashing out at one another in a totalitarian institution. (dude, i am the cheese fucking blew my mind when i read it in the 7th grade).


le said...

hey - what am I supposed to read during my lunch break if you don't update your blog??

Orhan Kahn said...

Awesome collection of articles and links. And wtf is RIAA thinking? They're worse that the mafia. Idiots. So, you pay to buy a CD then pay to press it onto your iPod? And that makes sense to who?? Idiots.