Saturday, February 09, 2008


i'm taking what would tyler durden do? off as a link. it's one thing to write trash about celebutards and annoying famous people, but shit like this post about obama's grandma isn't funny, it's disrespectful and wrong. don't read the comments section of that page if you have eaten anything today.

we're going to see a lot of crazy hateful shit this year, cuz either a woman or a black person is going to be the democratic nominee, and there are a lot of truly fucked up people out there who hate women, minorities and themselves. add the anonymity of saying whatever you want on the internet, and we're in for a disgusting ride.

do not want.


OliveCorps said...

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(commenting on this blog of yours):
Monday, October 02, 2006
"falling in love, my walkman and me, with david bowie. yeah-eah. (you betcha!)"
* * * *
Hi, my name is bradley. I was going through some old folders and found some letter from an ancient pen pal (March 1995). She was in a band called Cunts on Ice, so I googled it and found your blog. No way! Alright. Well, sorry to be totally random but hey! Why not.
If you feel like writing back, send me a msg at
What would Tyler Durden do?

Daniel Sumrall said...

Here's the thing--we love Fight Club because it's critical, these people love Fight Club because they love the Warp Tour. Snaps for your dis-linking.

And who the fuck is Bai Ling?

Anonymous said...

No doubt most of the comments are offensive, but that's not the blogger's doing. There's nothing about the post itself that's racist, unless there's some avian stereotype about blacks of which I'm unaware.

SarahReznor said...

I agree with you - just fucking childish...