Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"sometimes i doubt your committment to sparkle motion"

i started a new blog, blacklisted. it's a collection of rants and complaints about things that seriously bother; so far, they have fallen into the categories of "television," "politics" and "celebutards." please participate - you can email a rant about what you blacklist to photos are also welcome. this is in no way meant to replace scissors happy, which i am quite fond of.

i was so freaked out when i heard about the fire at the station nightclub - not that i would ever go see great white, but i have spent many a night in a shitty bar watching a not-that-great band, and being burned alive will never be on my list of things to try. it's five years later and the survivors are still pretty fucked.

everyone agrees, larry craig: you is gay, AND a liar. even your friends think so.

thank you, last 50 photos posted on livejournal! i get the best shit off of there. just click on an interesting photo and let it lead you to the weirdness that is livejournal, and the shit that people post. i found the entire collection of the baby do's and dont's that way - they apparently come from a book, which i guess no one needs to buy, since it's all online.

i used to read national geographic's children's magazine when i was little, world. they were always talking about koko the sign language gorilla. is this the same bitch, the painter gorilla named koko? she's talented. i kinda want one. i once saw an art show of paintings done by cats, too. i liked the little smeary paw prints. addendum: i just went looking for koko info, and read about her nipple fetish in wikipedia, and the several sexual harassment lawsuits that her handlers have filed. i don't want to know anything more about her. it's over.

pos sent me these awesome photos of receipts that oh-so-hilariously swear at you: one from home depot and one from some british restaurant.

rm sent me this awesome obit from the nyt. why don't i ever know about rad old people until after they die? i sooo want my obit to refer to me as a "trickster" - and in the headline, no less.

a bunch of my friends keep forwarding a new discovery, stuffwhitepeoplelike. it's funny because it's true. the writer's workshop one makes me laugh and laugh and then cry as i read yet another really poorly-written short story for my tuesday night writer's workshop. i love that class - i am white, after all.

i quite enjoyed watching this . . . project . . . of 207 people entering grand central and then freezing for five minutes, and then continuing on like nothing happened. remember the "flash mob" craze, or what the media thought was going to be a craze? i like it when they're filmed and edited down to a nice short.

tb randomly sent me this clip from donnie darko, as well as the sparkle motion dance routine, and it reminded me what a great movie that is. and the bat for lashes video is genius, too.

pos and i are headed out on a much-needed long weekend. it's my birthday tuesday! your present to me can be to contribute to blacklisted. it's my new favorite hobby. i will post some of my own rants soon.

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