Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Logan Likes Mary Anne! (February 1988) - Logan and Mary Anne like each other.

i got this link off of jacquoff: apparently, eating butterfish does the same thing to your ass as alli.

funny: cracked did a photoshop-the-worst-cereal-you-can-think-of contest.

cannot. escape. the. judging. it's sidewalk psychiatry!

mad magazine wasn't just for dopey kids - it's awesome that the nyt compiled this interactive fold-over collection that shows just how political and smart mad was.

i have watched this a few times this week already - file this link away as an all-time-best example of the randomness that is the internet. it's an excellent edited collage of dangerous and stupid (and some rather painful) things that have happened to reporters while on the air. grape-squashing lady is included, of course.

public service announcements don't have to be terrifying - they can be funny and charming, like this brit tv spot on watching out for bikers on the road.

pharmacy bar (favorite in world) turned 10 and i wasn't there to celebrate. tears. i'm headed back to town for work soon, so i can bask in its gorgeous glory soon enough.

i have talented friends, part one: ds got a poem published in autumn sky poetry and right hand pointing. ds, shouldn't that be called rooker hand pointing?

haha inside jokes are the best hahahhaa.

i have talented friends, part two: cd and zp have started a food blog, the bitten word, that features recipes and their experiences with them from the many cooking magazines that they subscribe to. i made the roasted asparagus last weekend and it was delish. i am really tempted to make the chocolate stout cake and secret-eat the entire thing by myself, cuz it looks too good to share.

kool: leaving a disposable camera on the sidewalk (tied to a bench with string) and asking strangers to take photos.

more beautiful randomness: a blog dedicated to listing the really bad outfits that claudia kishi wore. you know, claudia. from the babysitters club. her use of feathers and geometric shapes in primary colors was very influential to 1988 elementary school fashionistas.

Monday, April 07, 2008

best cross-promotional marketing campaign ever

i was at the jewel on sunday, buying all the fixins for lasagna, and with the receipt came some automatically-generated coupons.

one was for alli, the fat-blocking drug that advises on its website "You may feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Until you have a sense of any treatment effects, it's probably a smart idea to wear dark pants, and bring a change of clothes with you to work."

the other was for cottonelle fresh flushable moist wipes. aka baby wipes for adults. aka perfect for wiping up alli's gift of anal leakage.

i guess the computer saw all of the cheese i was buying and decided that i was a good candidate for both products.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

new stuff

should try to blog more often, etc.

things i like linking to:

tattoos. here is a collection of knuckle tattoos and here is taking tattooing/body modification to a whole new retardo level (tattoo the whites of your eyes)

classiness. like this airbrushed truck (slightly nsfw, if topless ladies are a no-go)

the things that people do to occupy the little precious time that they have on earth. like collect and post bookmarks online. or take photos of your pre-packaged meal and post a comparison next to its advertised image, like this german project, or make a blue velvet-inspired cake, or carve their food to be cartoonish and kool.

surreally retarded websites. like this one, and this one. i think the same person made them. and then there's the "obama will" website, which i don't really get, nor do i think it's all that funny.

movies re-made for the cyberwebs, just to make us laugh. like jewno, and fight club as told by squirrel puppets.

speaking of squirrels: i fucking love them. i would totally adopt a de-clawed squirrel and let him hop around my living room. while they are dressed in seasonal costumes, of course.

a fun read: radiohead for dummies (part one).

because size six is disgusting: sweet valley high gets re-made for generation spoiledasstanorexicimplantskank.

depressing-as-shit: russian playgrounds.

how really smart people kill themselves: build a robot and make him do it.

it's gorgeous and historical and not just full of politician's hookers: i heart the mayflower hotel. i got to nap there once.

brilliant: pulp's "common people" illustrated through an archie comic.