Thursday, May 08, 2008

will try harder and post more often, empty promises, etc.

i guess i have been too busy/distracted to bother blogging. sometimes i lose interest. i would tell you what i have been busy with, but it's not terribly interesting.
sp told me the best joke. it is:

q: how many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

a: well, the number is pretty obscure, so i'm sure you've never heard of it.

hahahahahha. she also sent me this list of what it means to actually be a hipster.

two of my fave gays sent me
this article because they remembered that i am from the same shameful little town of hatred - AND they get to see it first-hand in october. poor dears.

i don't really have the time (today, at work) to watch these, but i hear that my boss is out tomorrow . . . it's the 50 best parody commercials. i have to say, the commercials have always consistently been the best thing about snl, and they are constantly referred to. the other night i had some sea bass and when i took a bite i commented to ag and pos "wow, that's terrific bass!" just like the super bass-o-matic 76 commercial. db and i say "someone's been wearing bad idea jeans" if we are disapproving of certain life choices. i say "colon blow" more often than you would think. taco town, and discussing the taco town meal (served in a commemorative tote bag with salsa) still makes me laugh. happy fun ball is rad. the best-ever is liberty robot insurance, for when the metal ones come, for sure. there's a ton on the list that i have never seen before, so i'm excited.

more creepy russian playgrounds can be viewed here.

ida mae russell sills' obit was written by her son and is touching, but odd (how's this for a zinger?: "Ida's marriage to Karl was a three ring circus, engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering.")

i really don't want to talk too much about my upcoming wedding because, believe me, if the most interesting thing i have to talk about is that i am getting married, then i am a failure, BUT - i really need for someone to get this lovely decanter for us as a gift.

i really like this site - people submit photos of them as a child, and then one of them now in a similar pose.

i sincerely hope that these blog-related tattoos are fakes. jesus, people. oh, and don't forget this douche, too.

this made me very happy: someone wrote
responses to a postsecret sunday collection. it's what most logical people would want to ask the very-nice-people-i'm-sure-just-what-the-fuck-is-WRONG-with-them artists.

okay, that's enough for now, right?

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SarahReznor said...

Holy shit – I just realized that hipster list is half the people I used to know and all the people who hang out at Stardust…! LOL! I need to print it out and paste it on the bathroom wall there!