Friday, July 25, 2008

not really a review

saw the batman movie (btw, i don't know anyone who refers to it as the dark knight - everyone just refers to it as batman) at the imax theater on wednesday. i like the imax theater for the visuals and sound effects, obviously, but also because there is assigned seating (and no seat is a bad one). the show was sold out but there were two very long, open rows in front of us. about three minutes before the lights dimmed, a long line of mentally retarded people filed in, all wearing bright orange chicago park district t-shirts. my immediate reaction was "fuck, man, are they gonna be able to be quiet for two and a half hours?" i felt genuinely bad for assuming that they were incapable of watching a movie, but some of them were pretty disabled. and you know what? they were way quieter and more interested than the douche behind me whose phone rang about halfway through, or the (figurative) tards who talked through the previews. so, yay for the retarded field trippers! i know that when pos and i decide to have a child, it will be retarded for sure. it's called karma, and we deserve it.

i think that this guy wrote an "i'm perplexed at why everyone liked it so much" review of batman just so that other media would pick up on it.

got this little clip from popbitch:

   During the filming of The Dark Knight
Heath Ledger kept a notebook to help him get
in character, detailing all the things that
he felt the Joker would find funny.

The first entry: AIDS.

i liked the movie. it was a little long, but thoroughly enjoyable. heath ledger was the best part (tears). it was also very chicago, and i got to geek out by recognizing streets, buildings, and locations. like, I TOTALLY walk across that bridge EVERY DAY when i go home!!!!

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