Tuesday, October 13, 2009

concerted effort: a

so i was recently a little dismayed to look at the 14,500+ songs in the itunes i share with pos and realize:

1) since we loaded everything to our new laptop in january, we haven't listened to much. well, somehow, we have listened to peaches' song "the inch" 48 times (really? i don't think that was me, even once), and others in our "top 25 played" look like the soundtrack to a day's outing for a group home (ie schizophrenic) - joss stone, joy division, sisters of mercy, mandy moore, dirty projectors, deerhoof, al green, indigo girls covering dylan, jamiroquai, depeche mode, everclear (what year is this?), beastie boys, metric, etc. we have over 14,500 songs and have somehow managed to get a duet between the girl from belle & sebastian and the guy from screaming trees into a most-listened-to list. this is odd. it makes me sad to see so many amazing albums just sitting there, "date added: 1/24/09" and "last played: [blank]." apparently i haven't listened to most of my favorite albums in full since january, if not well before then.

2) i have the habit of acquiring new music without really knowing what it is that i am downloading/buying/borrowing. i love music blogs and troll them weekly for new bands to check out, covers that are sometimes terrible but often amazing, old gems that are new to me. yesterday i found: a new flaming lips song, david gray covering "like a rolling stone" in 1993, new dizzee rascal, old ok go, some stuff i have never heard of but were on a best-new-music list (the postmarks, julian plenti), etc. also, and this is not typical, i bought three albums on itunes yesterday - the new air, zero 7 and david gray. i sometimes collect a bunch of new songs (and i say "collect" because i might be teetering towards "hoarding" although there are not 17-year-old newspapers and cat skeletons involved - thank god digital music is stored magically and invisibly in the pretty glowing clamshell of a laptop and does not require actual space) and never quite get around to listening - really listening - to decide whether i should keep it, delete it, or look for more from that band or musician. so i can easily scroll through the list and wonder "who the hell is jenn grant? or sundayrunners? how did i ever acquire so much badly drawn boy when i do not recall ever listening to him? why didn't i ever delete that james blunt album?"

3) i need to clear some harddrive space, and get more of pos' old cds imported. getting married means that you merge almost everything in your life. so i suppose it's time that our computer stores less tori amos and more slayer.

4) i like projects, especially ones that i can do on my commute (and justify that i play tetris on my ipod instead of doing anything productive).

so i am going to go through all of my songs and listen to them, and delete the crap, and rediscover old stuff i love and forgot about, or face my demons and admit that some of my old favorites are actually really bad and that while i might OWN lou reed's "transformer," it's not like i have ever listened to anything on it other than "walk on the wild side." and why do i have so many smashing pumpkins albums if i hate them?

so, ahem - A

from A-Trak to Azure Ray

number of songs by the A artists:

before going through - (i didn't know that i would be blogging this so i didn't check)
after going through - 696




"come crash" by a.c. newman (i like the chorus, which is "christine, come crash on my floor")
"miss you" by adiam dymott
"lightbulbs" by the answering machine
"one crowded hour (live with strings)" by augie marsh
some guy named adrian champion mashed a bunch of rap tracks with white stripes songs. some aren't so hott, but the jay-z vs nas diss tracks back-to-back are fun.
there's a song called "the day before you came" on abba's more gold that is really fucking strange and i like that there is a shout-out to marilyn french.
i listened to nothing but alice in chains for two days - and i quite enjoyed myself. "over now" is my favorite re-discovery.


some live tracks by art brut
an action action album
some super-terrible and random antony and the johnsons tracks - i don't think i will ever be in the mood for that
that nonsensical song about jessica simpson by adam green
some dickcheese rock by acceptance
this drowning-cats-sounding track by adrian orange & her band
a few other non-notables

lessons learned:

it really is a shame about amy winehouse
at the drive-in was FUCKING AWESOME (i knew this already, but i forgot just how much)
the avalaches' "since i left you" is really fun (i just wikipedia'd it and it says that the album was "assembled from approximately 3,500 vinyl samples")
do not put your husband's art of noise tracks into the "maybe delete" playlist

on to the Bs . . .


Clay said...

I not so secretly love that Jessica Simpson song. I probably listen to it at least once a month.

Also, i really like the avalaches' "since i left you," too.

the syracusan said...

This post made me laugh out loud like 5 times. Either you're back in form or being in China has made me desperate for any kind of humor I can relate to.

Anonymous said...
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