Sunday, December 13, 2009

concerted effort: b

whew, that took longer than i thought it would. at the rate i'm going, i ought to be done by 2014.

from b-rich to buzzcocks. b-rich is the immortal artist who recorded "whoa now!" - a really bad rap track that samples the jefferson's theme song (and that's pretty much why i didn't delete it)

number of songs by the B artists:

before going through - 1,314
after going through - 1,031




when i started, 152 tracks were by the beatles; i deleted em down to 127, thanks to the repeats we had after we burned a friend's remastered magical mystery tour and past masters. i can barely barely barely tell the difference between the new reissues and the old ones; essentially, they are no better, they are still the same songs i used to listen to on a memorex tape that i copied off of my brother's cds in 1991. i suppose for the obsessed beatles fan, remastered in stereo is something worth getting excited about, but whatever. as onion columnist jackie harvey said, "I know I should buy a CD by Lady Gaga because she is very popular, but I'm still not sure she has the staying power of the Human League. Besides, I'm saving up for the new Beatles box set CDs. I've heard that I haven't heard the Beatles until I've paid for all their music one more time!"

other than the beatles, the most tracks were: 110 belle & sebastian, 76 ben folds and 70 beck. i have only seen one of those bands before, and audience members were doing the air violin.

there are a lot of bands that start with "black" - crowes, grape, hollies, keys, kids, lips, moth super rainbow, rebel motorcycle club, and star

i really liked what i heard by beautiful small machines and beauty pill. should look into more stuff by the brunettes. baby teeth is super hit-or-miss - the song "all that i can do" is amazing, but the other stuff i had mostly got deleted. i liked making myself listen to bright eyes, bob dylan, and bjork, as they are albums that i have owned for years and never listen to. i love blur and the breeders very much.

i decided that buzzcock's "everybody's happy nowadays" belongs on my 2010 new years cd.

even though they are no where near "good," i decided to keep all of my babes in toyland, bikini kill and bratmobile tracks. i miss those days.

the bee gees make me want to rollerskate.

i came really close to deleting most of big wreck's second album (it's not-a-so good), but the first one is so very much the summer of 1998 for me that i didn't.

blind melon's debut album = not as bad as you assume.

shit that needed to go:

two albums by the books. sorry, i don't get it.

a lot of unneeded (like 40 tracks) of ben folds/ben folds five/ben folds live. i like him . . . except for when i don't.

be your own pet, except for "the kelly affair," as it is written from the perspective of a character from the best movie of all time.

"all i want is you" - barry louis polisar from the juno soundtrack. ugh - what sounded so sweet and adorable in the movie is so cloying and twee when you actually try to listen to it out of the context of "honest to blog!" and "homeskillet" dialogue. actually, rewatching juno on cable, i now realize that the whole movie is cloying and twee. along the same lines, i deleted a lot of songs from the band the boy least likely to [stay on my computer] - also twee and cloying/annoying. with titles like "hugging my grudge" (which starts out with a harmonica intro), vomit. i did keep the boy least likely to's song "rock upon a porch with me" because it is kinda cute. that is all that is needed, thanks.

babyshambles, pete doherty's new band. sorry, i cannot think of one solitary moment when i would ever want to listen to this. art brut is right: he is a very bad man.

there was this really odd project i was a part of in high school - some major record label would periodically mail a mix tape to my journalism teacher with a form attached for a student to review the songs, and i was the one who most wanted to do it, so i was exposed to all sorts of new bands right after they had been signed. i would love to see the reviews i sent in, for real. i wanted to be a magazine journalist, preferably at sassy, rolling stone, or spin. i am now glad that i did not. anyway, i distinctly remember that there was a song called "feel me dying" by the blue up?, a band that did nothing and went nowhere, but the female singer was really offbeat and the song was a favorite of mine for a while. a few years ago, in a fit of nostalgia, bought the blue up?'s album spool forka dish on amazon for one cent and it was uniquely terrible. finally deleted it . . . except for "feel me dying," of course. i just wikipedia'd the band, and the lead singer apparently has/had a webcam where she jerks off for the world to watch. klassy.

time for the Cs.


Sarah said...

Now I'm wondering which Babyshambles songs/album you had. When I was in London the last time, I went into a used record/CD store, b/c obviously buying music in the UK is SO MUCH COOLER than in the US, and ended up buying an Arctic Monkeys EP and two Babyshambles CD singles. One of them has "Fuck Forever" and the other has "Albion" (I think.) I actually really like those two songs, but since I haven't heard the rest, I guess I can't really say I like the BAND per se.

scissors happy said...

i'm pretty sure it was the DOWN IN ALBION album (which had "fuck forever" on it). i will say that my libertines albums remain undeleted (i will get to those with the Ls - look for it in 2012, probably, at the sad pace i am going). also, i love the word "babyshambles" - i just can't stand pete doherty.