Tuesday, January 19, 2010

concerted effort: c

seriously, if it takes me a month for each letter, we're looking at this project lasting over two years.

from C-Mone to Cyndi Lauper

number of songs by the C artists:

at start: 637
at end: 497 (i am getting better at deleting the shit i don't want or need)


12/15/09 - 1/17/10


band with the most tracks: coldplay (96)

candie payne - fun 50s-girl-group-inspired dance pop, less gimmicky-seeming than the pipettes.

"take it to fantastic" - cannonball jane. catchy. kinda strange.

i have a few tracks from the album "On Cutting Ti-Gers in Half and Understanding Narravation" by candy bars. terrible name for a record, good songs.

i have two somgs by cameron mcgill that make me want to look for more stuff by him. well done, sir!

i love carl carlton's "everlasting love." so freaking cute and great, i will forgive his momma for naming him carl when his last name is carlton.

carla bruni: france's first lady. former model. former love interest of many famous musicians. i don't understand a word of her songs, but they're beautiful.

um, it's pretty awkward that chris garnea is a dude. when "not nice," the only song from him that i own, came up on, i was like "oh, what a nice rachael yamagata song!"

not deleting courtney love's solo album "america's sweetheart" was an act of charity. it is breathtaking in how out of touch with normalcy/reality/tunefulness it is.


most of the carpenter's "singles: 1969-1981." missing from that compilation is "bless the beasts and the children," the theme song to the most terrifying middle-school-curriculum young adult novel and movie that we read and saw in the 7th grade and fucking scarred me. correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't the story's climax involve a bunch of loser kids being shot while on a bus?

cinderella's "don't know what you got" from a shitty power ballads compilation i bought at target a buncha years ago just for the song "sister christian." hmmm. yes, delete. don't judge me for the pause.

most of collective soul's greatest hits. yeah, i said "most of." yeah, i know.

lessons learned/randoms:

the clash are fucking awesome. this is a lesson i knew but sort of forgot. "hateful" is a favorite.

i have a cover of cold war kids doing fiona apple's "fast as you can" live and it is worth finding. actually, here ya go.

"when water comes to life" by cloud cult. yes.

i liked the clientele when i first heard them, but now, meh. i deleted everything except for "k" and "since k got over me" and that's pretty much just because my name starts with k. too lame to admit?

cocorosie - good for two tracks just to keep shit weird. three is too many.

i've been listening to pandora at work and like a lot of what i hear but the only album i have purchased as a direct result is charlotte martin's "on your shore." it's pretty - sort of tori-esque piano-driven rock and ballads without the aggressive weirdness. pos was impressed that i found her, as he really likes failure, her husband's band. also, she was in the miss usa pageant in the 90s.

wow, i forgot how annoying counting crows is. delete.

dragging my ass to work on a misty january morning listening to the cure felt very appropriate.

conversation i just had while playing "i drove all night":
pos: wow, you've got quite the selection going tonight.
me: i'm finishing up the C's!
pos: what the hell is this?
me: cyndi lauper!
pos: you just said that like i was supposed to know.
(time lapse: 3 minutes)
pos: this song is horrible. she should have drove home.

next: d. maybe i will be done in a record-breaking 29 days.

Monday, January 11, 2010

animals! i like them!

i start interviewing for an open position in my division this week. i have over 60 resumes for a job that only requires 3 year's project management experience and the pay is in the 40s, and almost everyone is so over-qualified it makes me wanna cry for them. there are applicants who are certified in things i don't even know what they're talking about, a guy who used to do i.t. for wal-mart's headquarters ($84 an hour), people older than my dad . . . oh, yeah, and pos' ex-girlfriend (um, seriously? are you being a stalker or are you for real?). interviewing people is really nerve-wracking - like, are you really as good as you seem? are you secretly an asshole and i will only discover this slowly but surely, when it's way too late? are you going to end up being a sociopath? if this dude came in for an interview, i would hire him. if only it were that simple.

i still think that working for me would be better than this job. well, maybe.

ready, set, calm yourself with this adorable collection of photos of a fawn and a bunny.

all animals, all the time (sorry, really) tonight: these photos of animals in utero are gorgeous creepy.

i swear that i'm not sitting at home in a sweatsuit and laughing at cathy comics and gluing magazine cutouts of baby animals into my special happy-thoughts notebook.

i really really love florence + the machine right now. lungs is an awesome album. just downloaded a not-shitty cover of "addicted to love." i put "falling" on my 2010 new years mix that no one except for friends i see on a regular basis has yet received because the fucking automatic machine at the post office is a LIAR and apparently, even though it only charged me $1.05 per padded envelope i was sending out, it was supposed to have charged me $1.59, and i have a stack of returned envelopes sitting in a bag in my kitchen that i am angry at. so, if you're waiting for yours, you'll get it - when i am not too pissy to address the situation.

okay, one more animal link - this lab rat (about 1:40 in, but watch the whole thing) chose cocaine over food and water and self-injected itself until it died. if only it had been able to join others in a fellowship that featured the jesus factor.

sometimes old tried-and-true tricks don't work (click to make larger and be sure to read the professor's note). bonus points for this kid.

a new nomination for the worst album cover of all time here.

sensitive supermarket advertising ploy here.

so, like, where do i sign up? i just hope that he looks like this. speaking of dudes who look like that, pos and i went out to dinner and to see avatar in 3d on friday (it was, of course, spectacular and retarded at the same time) and our waiter was this really over-talkative and sweaty d&d kid who was like "and how are you on this fine second weekend of the new year? can i get you a drink, madam? sir? ahhh, yes, excellent choices, excellent. i'm going to go get those for you and then swing back around to tell you about our scrumptious specials." he seriously said, when he came back, "just so you know, i'm not merely your waiter tonight but a wizard who will conjure up whatever it is that you choose from the menu." pos and i stared at each other in a silent competition to see who would lose composure first.

this probably isn't real. but oh do i hope it is. click to enlarge.

accidentally inappropriate: my favorite. here are some games and puzzles that should have been double-checked.

i am currently wading though the C bands in my itunes for possible deletion and overall need to vary what it is that i listen to. this morning, on the train, i was listening to my three coolio songs and i was thinking 1) remember when this was considered good? 2) maybe this was never good and 3) i hope no one can hear this coming out of my earphones. if it had been mc trebek, maybe i would have shaken my ass a little.

i'm really looking forward to having kids.

another excellent "people asking the stupidest questions fathomable on yahoo answers" link.

okay, fuck it, i lied - two more animal links - a news item and a really great photography collection posted by the guy who made the amazing american psycho homage/talking heads cover video (it's a must-see).

husband home soon. must meet him at the door with a bourbon, his slippers and folded newspaper.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

10 items or less

i said i would blog more, so dammit, i will.

my friend cl has a new blog about cooking, gardening, and cooking things that she gardened. it is called my way around the kitchen and can be found here.

hmmm, which one for iced tea? oh, yes, of course. (insert dubm joke about how there should be a selection of hot cocoa for his wife. although, i don't really think she's hot, just . . . difficult to understand, hard to look at, and hard to look away from).

i like the screenshots i've seen of bad questions asked on yahoo questions, and the amazing responses that they receive. such as this.

ahh, college roommates. my freshman year roommate was literally insane and even though we only lived together for three months, she scarred me. i kept a page from one of her sociology papers that she wrote before being expelled and it is seriously so goddamn deranged that i bust it out every now and then - hj staged a dramatic reading of it at the last bookclub meeting (the plague - only got to page 75, even though it was my suggestion. sorry fellow bookclubbers) and it was met by peals of laughter and howls of derision. to be transcripted here someday soon. anyway, yeah, i bet these guys became lifelong friends.

why the face, wisconsin? i love you because i am from you and i hate you because you're you.

why i love graffiti: because, deep down, we are all 12-year-old boys.

i know that this was first posted in june, but it is timeless and so bizarrely soothing to me. i want the mp3 (link expired on this site). [time lapse: 4 minutes]. aaaaand, done. thanks, hypemachine!

name fail here. name win here.

husband is home. gonna go. not terrible for the first post of linx in foreverever.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

i am literate: booksh i read in 2009

i need to stop reading books that i hate reading, know that they suck, and resent taking up time that could be spent reading things i actually like. here are the books i read, ranked in order of lovelovelove to utterly terrible.

the handmaid's tale - margaret atwood (how is it possible that i had never read this before?!?!)
life of pi - yann martel
a mercy - toni morrison
the best american nonrequired reading 2008
the lovely bones - alice sebold
so big - edna ferber
never let me go - kazuo ishiguro
the time traveler's wife - audrey niffenegger
fat pig: a play - neil labute
freakonomics: a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything - steven d. levitt
housekeeping vs. the dirt - nick hornby
ripped: how the wired generation revolutionized music - greg kot
how sassy changed my life: a love letter to the greatest teen magazine of all time - kara jesella
the contortionist's handbook - craig clevenger
the brief wondrous life of oscar wao - junot diaz
at weddings and wakes - alice mcdermott
the kite runner - khaled hosseini
the professor and the madman: a tale of murder, insanity, and the making of the oxford english dictionary - simon winchester
lowboy - john wray
cherry - mary karr
something borrowed - emily giffin
american wife - curtis sittenfeld
julie and julia: my year of cooking dangerously - julie powell (i fucking hated this book)

"i am the sun, i am the new year, i'm the way home" - the breeders, "new year"

i was able to get some drinks with cl and ea at 42 n. latitude when they were in town from eugene for the holidays and it was much too short of a visit. ea told me that he has a friend who i have never even met who reads this blog and misses my regular posting. since it's a new year and all, and i have to come to terms with the fact that the days at the office will likely never again return to me lazily reading the interwebs and posting when i feel like it, i want to make a bit more effort to post.

speaking with ea, cl, our mutual college friend (and fellow chicagoan who i only run into at mike doughty shows) sr, and their collection of friends at latitude, i made a little list in the notebook i carry around. it is:

Master + Margarita
blog more
Lava Lamp = cold vodka in pilsner with jello shots inside

thank you for your recommendations, friends, and i hope to see you more often.

anyway, i haven't been reading the news or keeping up with emails during my little holiday break. i have been shredding old papers, organizing closets, cooking (i baked snickerdoodles for pos this morning - ag and i had a joke about how the way to seduce teddy kennedy would be with gin and snickerdoodles. i got his memoir at myopic books and it is on the short-list of books i want to read soon, meaning i'll probably get to it by 2015), hanging out with family and friends. saw crazy heart last night - who knew that colin ferrell could reasonably pass for an american country star? i liked the movie a lot - it felt really authentic and was bittersweet funny.

but this is a news story (jan 1 is the deadliest day of the year for people getting run over) i just read, and i agree - driving pos, eb and sf to brunch around noon yesterday, some assface got off of a clark street bus and started crossing the street. i didn't see him around the bus and was tooling along at a normal 30 mph and came within a few feet of hitting him (cue slamming on the brakes, swerving, honking, my heart thumping itself out of my chest, his lame sneer at me with the bravado only a certain subspecies of young idiots seem to have). jesus, chicago pedestrians - you need to fucking stop wandering and darting out into the street when there is oncoming traffic, particularly when it is my car that you are tempting to run you over. i don't need to add "vehicular manslaughter" to my list of 2010 goals.