Wednesday, January 06, 2010

10 items or less

i said i would blog more, so dammit, i will.

my friend cl has a new blog about cooking, gardening, and cooking things that she gardened. it is called my way around the kitchen and can be found here.

hmmm, which one for iced tea? oh, yes, of course. (insert dubm joke about how there should be a selection of hot cocoa for his wife. although, i don't really think she's hot, just . . . difficult to understand, hard to look at, and hard to look away from).

i like the screenshots i've seen of bad questions asked on yahoo questions, and the amazing responses that they receive. such as this.

ahh, college roommates. my freshman year roommate was literally insane and even though we only lived together for three months, she scarred me. i kept a page from one of her sociology papers that she wrote before being expelled and it is seriously so goddamn deranged that i bust it out every now and then - hj staged a dramatic reading of it at the last bookclub meeting (the plague - only got to page 75, even though it was my suggestion. sorry fellow bookclubbers) and it was met by peals of laughter and howls of derision. to be transcripted here someday soon. anyway, yeah, i bet these guys became lifelong friends.

why the face, wisconsin? i love you because i am from you and i hate you because you're you.

why i love graffiti: because, deep down, we are all 12-year-old boys.

i know that this was first posted in june, but it is timeless and so bizarrely soothing to me. i want the mp3 (link expired on this site). [time lapse: 4 minutes]. aaaaand, done. thanks, hypemachine!

name fail here. name win here.

husband is home. gonna go. not terrible for the first post of linx in foreverever.

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Georgia O'Queeffe said...

Excellent assortment! You are an artist in a world of scrawlers.