Tuesday, January 19, 2010

concerted effort: c

seriously, if it takes me a month for each letter, we're looking at this project lasting over two years.

from C-Mone to Cyndi Lauper

number of songs by the C artists:

at start: 637
at end: 497 (i am getting better at deleting the shit i don't want or need)


12/15/09 - 1/17/10


band with the most tracks: coldplay (96)

candie payne - fun 50s-girl-group-inspired dance pop, less gimmicky-seeming than the pipettes.

"take it to fantastic" - cannonball jane. catchy. kinda strange.

i have a few tracks from the album "On Cutting Ti-Gers in Half and Understanding Narravation" by candy bars. terrible name for a record, good songs.

i have two somgs by cameron mcgill that make me want to look for more stuff by him. well done, sir!

i love carl carlton's "everlasting love." so freaking cute and great, i will forgive his momma for naming him carl when his last name is carlton.

carla bruni: france's first lady. former model. former love interest of many famous musicians. i don't understand a word of her songs, but they're beautiful.

um, it's pretty awkward that chris garnea is a dude. when "not nice," the only song from him that i own, came up on, i was like "oh, what a nice rachael yamagata song!"

not deleting courtney love's solo album "america's sweetheart" was an act of charity. it is breathtaking in how out of touch with normalcy/reality/tunefulness it is.


most of the carpenter's "singles: 1969-1981." missing from that compilation is "bless the beasts and the children," the theme song to the most terrifying middle-school-curriculum young adult novel and movie that we read and saw in the 7th grade and fucking scarred me. correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't the story's climax involve a bunch of loser kids being shot while on a bus?

cinderella's "don't know what you got" from a shitty power ballads compilation i bought at target a buncha years ago just for the song "sister christian." hmmm. yes, delete. don't judge me for the pause.

most of collective soul's greatest hits. yeah, i said "most of." yeah, i know.

lessons learned/randoms:

the clash are fucking awesome. this is a lesson i knew but sort of forgot. "hateful" is a favorite.

i have a cover of cold war kids doing fiona apple's "fast as you can" live and it is worth finding. actually, here ya go.

"when water comes to life" by cloud cult. yes.

i liked the clientele when i first heard them, but now, meh. i deleted everything except for "k" and "since k got over me" and that's pretty much just because my name starts with k. too lame to admit?

cocorosie - good for two tracks just to keep shit weird. three is too many.

i've been listening to pandora at work and like a lot of what i hear but the only album i have purchased as a direct result is charlotte martin's "on your shore." it's pretty - sort of tori-esque piano-driven rock and ballads without the aggressive weirdness. pos was impressed that i found her, as he really likes failure, her husband's band. also, she was in the miss usa pageant in the 90s.

wow, i forgot how annoying counting crows is. delete.

dragging my ass to work on a misty january morning listening to the cure felt very appropriate.

conversation i just had while playing "i drove all night":
pos: wow, you've got quite the selection going tonight.
me: i'm finishing up the C's!
pos: what the hell is this?
me: cyndi lauper!
pos: you just said that like i was supposed to know.
(time lapse: 3 minutes)
pos: this song is horrible. she should have drove home.

next: d. maybe i will be done in a record-breaking 29 days.

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