Saturday, February 27, 2010

concerted effort: d

well, that took longer than expected. i thought that i would listen to the rest of the Ds and move on to the Es while on my delayed-but-amazing honeymoon to kauai, hawaii, but the last thing i wanted to do while lounging in the sun at our perfect beachfront resort was to listen to duran duran or the dresden dolls. we weren't there for the tsunami warning, but damn am i glad that it turned out to be nothing.

from Daft Punk to Dylan at the Movies

number of songs by the D artists:

at start: 882
at end: 763

the band with the most tracks is, of course, one of my old standby favorites, depeche mode, with 96. surprisingly, i don't have violator. i mean, i have had it in various formats over the years, and know that album quite well, but it never made it into my itunes library. i will have to go wading through the giant plastic storage bins that now house my cds and find it. remember when your cd collection was a thing of pride, an alphabetical library that you encouraged friends and visitors to peruse, and you would lovingly pack and repack way too many boxes of cds every time you moved? now i just toss them into a box in the basement and wonder if it's worth my time to try to sell them on amazon (because, really, who buys cds anymore?).


1/20/10 - 2/27/10


"yours" by dan black. fun!

"holiday in cambodia" by the dead kennedys is seriously a great song and is going onto my next car cd mix so that i can road rage my way to the train in the morning. "pol pot!"

dan le sac vs scroobious pip. need more. i played "thou shalt always kill" over and over two or three years ago when i found it online, and all of their other stuff is also infectious. love it.

i saw the album cover to david gilmour's about face in the album-flow itunes function and i swear i thought for a minute that pos had downloaded some lame american idol kid singer's album. sorry, i'm not a huge floyd fan, okay? sorry. he's kinda pretty in that photo. that, or he looks like buffalo bill from silence of the lambs. one or the other.

i ADORE david bowie. ("you betcha" will always belong to him - not to that conniving pathetic idiot governor drop-out). i got really into bowie my freshman year of college and for a while it was all bowie, all the time. my favorite bowie song is "young americans" because it's terribly catchy and he sings his ass off, but i also love the old ziggy stardust songs, the rehabbing-in-berlin low songs, the mid-90s collaborations with nine inch nails. david bowie is the dignified male madonna - ever-changing, always gorgeous, the very model of fashion. love him.

the distillers are the band that hole wishes it could be. i just got the new spin in the mail and courtney love is on the cover and i was just like "good luck selling any copies of this one." people need to quit giving her copy space.

the dead milkmen were a favorite of my older brother when we were young - he was a member of the columbia house record club and got beelzebubba on vinyl (part of the ten-records-for-a-penny scam that they used to do). while best known for "punk rock girl," we would listen to that record and laugh and laugh - i mean, "smoking banana peels" is comedy gold when you're 11 years old. our mother, who has probably the most literal sense of humor ever, was APPALLED by them. she was dead serious when she sat us down to dissect the lyrics sheet, to DISCUSS the ISSUES that were in the album, such as how the song "bleach boys" was about SUICIDE, which was a VERY SERIOUS THING. whatever, mom - "i'm so bored i'm drinking bleach!"


most of the darkness' debut album. death from above 1979's album "you're a woman, i'm a machine" (all but the title track). everything that friends gave me by the decemberists - they are wretched, as this list of top-five-overrated-indie-rock-bands attests to (i agree with almost all choices on this list - i do love spoon, though). lots of "where the hell did this come from?" crap.

lessons learned/random:

i need to find some more delta spirit. "trashcan" is fun.

we saw the dead trees open for the features and the whigs a few months ago and they were the best band that night. i bought the fort music ep at the show and should get the new stuff - they were really good - guitar-driven but lackadaisical. apparently they are adam green's touring band.

david gray is like a cup of irish breakfast tea the way i like it, with sugar and milk: soothing, sweet, toasty. does that make him sound boring and lame? i mean it as a compliment - he is really one of my go-to musicians to make me feel calm. which is funny, because i played white ladder over and over the spring i broke up with someone, and i played life in slow motion over and over the autumn i fell in love with pos: two very different feelings wrapped into his beautiful voice. "the one i love" opened my wedding mix that we handed out as a favor - i suppose that sounds retarded, but that song does mean a lot to me. random awesomeness: he was in the venus in furs from velvet goldmine.

pos really digs the dirty projectors. i'm kinda "meh" about them. "stillness is the move" is a cool song but i don't know - i can't really get into them. also, pos is really into deerhoof - we saw them a few months ago - but i am lukewarm at best.

let me tell you about how i found myself kissing daniel johnston. (ps: i don't think many women can say this about themselves. and that is not bragging). it was not long after pos and i had just watched the documentary about his life and music, and we were in austin for sxsw in march 2007. we stayed at a serious dump that was nowhere near downtown or anything not-shitty (hello bikinis sports bar and grill, your brunch was unsurprisingly nasty). daniel johnston has a rather memorable voice, and he is hard to miss, physically. we were coming upstairs for the night and passed him hanging out on the motel balcony/hallway outside his room, smoking and chugging a 2 liter of mountain dew, and we went to go say hi. i introduced myself and shook his hand, but he kept calling me marjorie and said "looking good!" we asked for a photo, and he was with a bunch of guys who couldn't have been older than 22 (his new band, i believe). one of them said "only if you kiss him," and that seemed reasonable (unshaven cheek, not mouth - please). pos didn't seem to mind - he was in the photo but i cropped him out because we are not really interested in having our names and photos all over the internet, and BOTH of the people who read this blog ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. after the photo and kiss, he got really shy and awkward - the whole thing was pretty awkward. i don't have a lot of his music, but he is an interesting guy.

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