Tuesday, March 30, 2010

concerted effort: e

from eagle seagull to extreme

number of songs by the E artists:

at start: 585
at end: 439


2/28/10 - 3/30/10

band with the most tracks: elastica with 52 (this is more than the number of actual songs that they ever wrote - this includes a BBC Radio One session that they recorded and some covers)


a ton of eminem. i had a few of his albums and i never listened to them, and three days of that shit was more than enough. i'm all for creative license and artists' rights and freedom of speech, but fuck, i don't want to listen to shit about some douche rapper raping and killing women. i kept a few tracks but i'm not really all that interested. he has quite the persecution complex.

"more than words" by extreme. very 7th grade for me. no use for it.

the elected. now i know that i only like jenny lewis' contributions to rilo kiley. blake sennet, on his own, is a whiny mess.

about 20 songs from everclear. oh, is this song about how you grew up poor with bad parents and then you did a lot of heroin, and you love your daughter? i do love the song "now that it's over" - a great fuck-you break up song. their cover of "brown-eyed girl" is really bad. what's awesome is that when i was trying to figure out what song we should dance to at my wedding for the dad/bride dance, my sister was like "how about 'brown-eyed girl'?" it gave me a complex that my own sister doesn't even know what i look like, or care enough to have noticed that my eyes are blue.

lessons learned/randoms:

every time i hear "the boy's bad news" by eagles of death metal, i look around for my phone - it's the ringtone that pos chose for himself when he calls. i love that song. that laugh at the beginning! it always makes people jump when my phone starts laughing.

when "u make me want to drink bleach" by easyworld (from the album better ways to self-destruct) popped up, i was expecting a dirge mess with possible emo overtones - but it's a really pretty song! apparently i have the "stylophone mix" of the song - how DO i find these things? - so i can't vouch for the original, but i like it a lot.

echo and the bunnymen - rad. "the killing moon" is fantastic, and "bring on the dancing horses" and "lips like sugar" are perfect.

engelbert humperdink is due for a resurgence - maybe quentin tarantino can use some of his songs in an ironic way and make all the kids want to sing along like he did with "son of a preacher man" in pulp fiction. the name engelbert humperdink alone is fucking amazing.

i love erasure - listening to them for two days was like a big gay dance party for a commute. my favorite is "drama!" - i was once extolling the virtues of that song to mob and he said that he and his friends always substituted "one homosexual drama after another" for the lyrics "one psychological drama."

eva cassidy had such a beautiful voice. so sad that she died so young. also gone too soon: elliott smith. you must have to really want it to be over to stab yourself in the fucking heart. stupid.

sometimes amazon.com makes a mistake when they send you your order. i was just talking to mc about this - he and jk hosted a bacon dinner party (i made these - seriously - and everyone made comparable ridiculous and amazing bacon-wrapped and bacon-stuffed food. i can't eat bacon for weeks, if not months, now) and there was a shrink-wrapped cd called bellydancer superstars 3 or something, and mc said that it was randomly mailed with the books and stuff he had ordered, and didn't bother to send it back. this happened to me a few years ago - it's how i ended up with the very best of edith piaf. this might be sacrilege, but i thought the biopic a few years ago was too boring to finish.

of all of the shows i've been to, i think the most fun i have ever had at a concert was elastica at the 9:30 club in dc in october 2000. peaches opened and i'm sorry, but she was terrible. there was this strange guy with her named gonzales who sort of provided beats for her with his boombox. i was already totally drunk and booing (as were many others) and she was like "you fuckers better not be like this for elastica." no worries, peaches - i fucking love elastica. i was so wasted i curled up under a green line metro bench when it was time to go home. i'm so glad i got to see them - i read in a recent spin that justine is now a painter in america with no plans to return to music, and donna became a born-again.

elton john. hearts. huge hearts. what's funny is that i LOVE him and HATE billy joel, and since they always seem to be touring together, i will not pay money to sit through billy joel. elton is trashy and classy and recorded some of the most senseless, weird pop ever (see: my years-ago analysis of "grey seal") but can still convey amazing heartbreak and love and longing. when not singing about the lion king - that shit is lame.

the song "fuck it" by eamon is so juvenile. love it.


Rick E. Martin said...

"One homosexual drama after another" -- I call it "La Vida Loca."

P.S.: How were the cookies?

scissors happy said...

hey rick e. - you've had quite the week. good luck with your book sales. you should have come out 10 years ago. when people cared, and still speculated.

the cookies were divine and atrocious. sweet, salty, meaty, sugary. i used an entire pound of bacon and two sticks of butter. this recipe is to never happen in my kitchen again.

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