Monday, April 26, 2010

concerted effort: f

from fabienne delsol to fyfe dangerfield

number of songs by the f artists:

at start: 454
at end: 367




band with the most tracks: flaming lips (120)

faith no more's angel dust is one of the best hard rock albums evah. "be aggressive" and "everything's ruined" fucking KILL.

even though i like feist, she can get pretty effing boring.

i love fiona apple. always have, always will. when the pawn (i am not going to type the whole name out) is an excellent album and one of my staples.

i really like florence + the machine's lungs. i was really disappointed with their show at the house of blues last month. their cover of robert palmer's "addicted to love" is awesome - pick it up from one of these posts.

i don't speak french but for some reason i always end up with random french pop songs in my itunes (perhaps i have plastic bertrand's "ca plane por moi" to blame - me and ps, driving in a shitty borrowed car in dc ten years ago on our way to shows, this song on an old mix tape turned up loud). i dig the france gall and francois hardy i somehow acquired.

fujiya & miyagi - love them. awesome electobritpoprobotrock. i saw them open for peter bjorn & john with cd and zp a few years ago at the 9:30 club and i thought that f&m were way better than pb&j. i love "collarbone," and the hood internet's mash-up "the new collarbone" is with dr dre and snoop and i fucking love it. get it here.

the face's "ohh la la" - never get tired of that one. and i like that it's ronnie wood and not barfy old rod stewart singing. not that ronnie wood isn't gross. he is. not as sick as bill wyman, though, of course.


the futureheads debut and franz ferdinand's second album - i've seen both of them before, and was pretty meh about them, and their albums are pretty meh for me as well (although i am keeping the first franz album because i bought it when i was on vacay in rehoboth with mob and cd and i am nostalgic like that).

the foo fighters album there is nothing left to lose - except your dignity, i suppose. that's harsher than it needs to be. they're fine. i just want the first two albums and have little use for the rest of them - although "one by one" is a great song. i really like the foo's first album - it's so quiet and not-nirvana (or later dave grohl projects like them crooked vultures or queens of the stone age) that i was really taken with it when i was in high school, and "walking after you" on their second album is super-perfect creepy-stalker lovely. then they seemed to lose the plot - perhaps around the time that grohl donned a fat suit for their lame "learning to fly" song's heavy-rotation-on-mtv-designed video. but maybe that's just his power pop group and he has his other projects to make different types of rock with. while i know better than to care about musician's personal lives, i have to believe that he seriously fucked over louise post, if veruca salts' resolver is any indication. the fact that he is co-owner of the black cat in dc makes me completely appreciate him.

a bunch of frente! songs that i found on music blogs. i had a moment where i remembered liking them a lot in high school, so i downloaded a bunch and now they are making their way right back out of my library. not a good name for a band. not a good band.

i was torn about deleting the frank zappa song "ride my face to chicago," because it is a song about chicago, but then i just went ahead, because it is a song about riding frank zappa's face.

lessons learned/randoms:

so you know how some couples have a pact where each person gets to choose the one person who they are allowed to sleep with if the opportunity ever arises, and the other person can't get mad? this usually works best when the person is a celebrity or world figure and not, like, your neighbor. early on in our relationship, as a joke, we decided that pos' is eva green, and mine is wayne coyne. yes, i could have picked anyone in the world, and i picked wayne. first of all, i think he is soooo cute. i love his graying curls and beard - in fact, when pos' hair curls in a certain way around his face i get all excited and say "wayne coyne hair!!!" secondly, he is a creative genius, and i love his raspy voice. so this past halloween, i was in new orleans for work, and i heard a rumor that the flaming lips were staying at my hotel (which i believed, as it was the voodoo music fest weekend, i was at the w, and i had spent the previous night drinking with kiss in the lobby bar. and when i say "drinking with" i mean that we were in the same room drinking at the same time). i texted pos with this information, excited that i might run into wayne. he texted back something like "i know that he's your one, but please don't sleep with him." which i thought was soooo cute and charming. i think pos wasn't taking in consideration the other half of the equation - your one has to want to sleep with you, too. i personally think that wayne is too classy to fuck some random star-struck girl who is staying at the same hotel - maybe that's why i chose him in the first place. as for ms green, my husband is a very attractive man, but he doesn't spend much time in france, so . . .

anyway, have i mentioned that the flaming lips is probably my favorite band? my brother had me listen to the soft bulletin on a discman while driving home from my grandma's house on christmas night 2000, and my jaw literally dropped. i used to buy that cd for everyone for every occasion, i just wanted everyone to have it and love it the way i do. "what is the light?" is one of the greatest love songs of all time. i make sure to always try to go see the lips when they are in chicago, which is almost every year, and i always feel like i am at the best birthday party that was ever thrown for me. i even carry around a piece of orange confetti in my wallet from last december's show at the allstate arena - they just make me so goddamn happy!