Wednesday, June 02, 2010

concerted effort: g

from gang of four to gypsy and the cat

worst band name:
get him eat him (both songs were deleted)
(also: Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, howeverthefuck that's pronounced - apparently they broke up in 2006)

i didn't do this category for the previous letters. i should go back and do so.

number of songs by the G artists:

at start: 570
at end: 375




band with the most tracks before deleting anything: green day (53) followed by guns n roses (50)


a live girl talk set. i often have an aversion to live albums, especially if they aren't off of the mixing board, and a live dj set from a guy who just presses play on his laptop kind of defeats the purpose, right? pos and i saw the girl talk set at lollapalooza last year or the year before. fucking asshole kids with their asshole fashion and asshole dancing. i had never been surrounded by a more annoying group of assholes in my life. proof that i am approaching too old.

this may be unpopular to admit to my hipster friends, but most of guided by voices. i don't get it. sorry. also gone: all of grandaddy. couldn't force myself to care.

more than half of gwen stefani's vapid, retarded solo album.

i tried to delete a godsmack song and pos removed it from the "maybedelete" playlist. foiled again!

lessons learned/randoms:

and i thought that eminem had a persecution complex - em has nothing on w. axl rose (or, you know, bill bailey). supermodel-beating homophobic racist sexist piece of shit (although he claims that songs like "one in a million" are just, like, misunderstood, and he loves elton john. wait . . . so does eminem). i'm not gonna lie. i like some guns n roses songs. i kept a few. the singles mostly, and the ones that i somehow know by heart, because as a kid in rural wisconsin, you don't listen to "get in the ring" and think "what an angry, petty little man," you think "hahaha, he just said some nasty shit. this album rules." also, i can't listen to "welcome to the jungle" without thinking of jim carrey (in a daring dramatic role) poorly lip syncing in the dirty harry movie the dead pool (and the members of gnr attending his funeral). omg i just watched the jim carrey scenes for the first time in like 20 years - liam neeson! what are YOU doing there? also, i am pregnant (yes, for real, eeeeeks) and even though i am only 15 weeks along and there is no way that babyfriend can hear, much less understand, i don't like listening to piss and vinegar. bad mojo.

greg laswell covering kristin hersh's "your ghost" is beautiful. i love that song. both versions. michael stipe is on kristin's.

sigh . . . i really dislike genesis. pos really likes them. they stay. unfortunately. that's what i get for marrying a prog rock fan who was 15 in 1985.

i love george michael. he's a literal hot mess and really needs to stop getting fucked up (and fucked) in public, but he is awesome. even if the lyrics to "father figure" makes me throw up in my mouth. i like how he spent the 80s and 90s projecting a complete "i only fuck supermodels" vibe, just to come out later and be like "oh, by the way, i'm totally fucking gay, so, yeah, anyway . . ."

ghostland observatory are this random electroclash band that i thoroughly enjoy. surprisingly, they are from austin.

i only have three goldfrapp songs and i like. might look into more.

big hearts for gorillaz. i overpaid to see them in dc a few years ago, but it was still mad fun. cartoon band better than fat albert's.

listening to green day's dookie made me feel 17 years old. i actually really like american idiot, even though i hadn't listened to it all the way through until now. not quite sure how well it translates to broadway, but still a fun powerpoppunk record.

on to the H's.