Sunday, July 04, 2010

concerted effort: h

from haale to howe gelb (who and who?)

worst band name:
hootie and the blowfish, of course. legendarily bad. if i had a hoobastank song or two, that would win, but alas, no.

number of songs by the H artists:
at start: 291
at end: 222


6/2/10 - 6/21/10


band with the most tracks before deleting anything: hole (53) and hanson (46). they really don't have a lot in common.

i downloaded harvey danger's little by little when they posted it for free online when it first came out in 2005 and you know, i really really like it. "little round mirrors" is a fantastic song, and the entire album is smart, fun and good. you can still get it here.

i love horace andy's "feel good all over." i first heard it at my friend's apartment in brooklyn on a steamy summer day and i got all excited because it sounds like an elderly woman who has nothing to be happy about but is anyway. spoiler: horace is a raggae dude who was in his 20s when it was recorded.

my love for hanson has been documented before. i will just say that i had a drunken conversation with pos' cousin's girlfriends after a black keys show and we were talking music and she is a total hipster and we started naming guilty pleasures and i mentioned hanson and she got really intense and was like "DON'T EVER APOLOGIZE FOR LIKING HANSON." turns out she is a total superfan. so, yes, hanson still has a fan base, hidden amongst those you wouldn't ever suspect.


to the chagrin of many of my friends, i really don't like the hold steady. that guy's voice is totally annoying. the guitarist is from my hometown. i have tried to listen and enjoy and just can't.

a hot snakes album. i saw them in dc. that's all i remember. the album is pretty forgettable as well.

the particulary bad hootie songs. yes, i kept some.

lessons learned/randoms:

i was at my eye doctor's last week and they were playing one of those really bad top-40 radio stations, and hootie and the blowfish's "hold my hand" came on in between some katy perry monstrosity and no doubt's "hella good." that single came out in 1994, yo, SIXTEEN YEARS AGO, and it's still getting played on top-40 radio, and it still fits in. their debut album (the only one i own) went platinum SIXTEEN TIMES. so hootie and the blowfish are not revered artists, and their subsequent albums went nowhere, but me and 15,999,999 other people liked them enough at one time to pay for the cd. listening to this for the first time in forever, it's not that bad. it's cargo-shorts college-town jangly pop with acoustic guitars, so this band paved the way for the dave matthews band's popularity, along with a handful of non-threatening southern dudes with earnest love songs (edwin mccain, sister hazel, fastball, other bands you haven't heard from since the 90s). i actually think it's pretty awesome that darius rucker ("hootie" as he will forever be thought of) became a country star and has had three #1 country hits, especially considering a black dude hadn't been at the top of the country charts in 25 years.

hot IQs is a fun denver band who i got to see open for someone once (and i got a cute little button that looks like a calculator with HOT IQS in the "screen" area, like where you could type 55378008 and turn it upside down and it would say "BOOBLESS" to the delight of other 5th graders, and i made it into a magnet that resides on my fridge). anyway, look for "retromuff," which is my favorite.

eb put hip hop hoodio's "dicks and noses" on a mix cd for me a few years ago and its super juvenile but i love it. they're a latino jewish rap group (yes) and some of their lyrics include "you like our dicks and you like our noses/you see a jewish guy and you forget where your clothes is."

heartless bastards' female lead singer sounds . . . how shall i put this . . . a little, err, "touched"? she has a great gravelly voice, don't get me wrong, but there is this odd twinge of daniel johnston mentally deranged that i detect layered in there.

hole. the irritating thing about courtney love is that live through this is completely amazing (many people believe it's because kurt wrote most of the music) and celebrity skin, while irritating in that grating starfucker hollywood namedrop mode that courtney wants you to be envious of, it is also a really solid album. i fucking LOVED that band in high school. and now . . . and now. the wrong one died.

i said to pos near the end of this installment, "i should be done with the Hs tomorrow," and he replied, "the real question is, when do you get your life back?" i laughed so hard i teared up.

i'm running a little behind - i'm almost done with the i's already. the j's are gonna take forever.