Tuesday, October 26, 2010

concerted effort: i

so, you (and there is only one of you, methinks) may have noticed that i have not been blogging. i have my reasons; for example, i am going to give birf in a month. i have been preoccupied. i will do these as i can - i'm up to the Ks right now, so i need to go back and blog the Js as well.

i'm driving to work now, so my hours of walking and el riding and listening to the ipod has turned into a happy ride with NPR. i don't feel the slightest bit guilty that i am now driving - i took public transit for 10 years and do not miss the waiting, the crowds, the germs, the ignorant assholes who let pregnant women stand while they "don't notice." i haven't been reading or listening to music the way that the train used to force me to, though.


from i'm from barcelona to ivana xl

worst band name:
i'm from barcelona? i am kloot? i monster? take your pick. although i love you but i've chosen darkness, while not succinct, is a GREAT band name.

number of songs by the i artists:

at start: 223
at end: 187




band with the most tracks before deleting anything: indigo girls (71)


india.arie's second album, "voyage to india." i kept her first album, as it was earnest but cool singer-songwriter guitar-driven acoustic jammy stuff, but then i got bored.

lessons learned/randoms:

omg the indigo girls are fucking boring. eb has a great story about how her walkman was stolen out of her locker when she was in high school, but the thief had taken her indigo girls tape out and left it - that is hysterical. i have so many indigo girls albums because my good friend in high school was obsessed with them and would give me one of their cds for every holiday and birthday so that i could also understand the importance of this band to her. in retrospect, maybe she was trying to tell me something.

i only have four iggy pop songs, but they all feel really iconic and are awesome.

my parents' first date was to see ike and tina turner, which is hysterical, because my parents are and were SUPER SQUARE. my favorite is "river deep, mountain high." it's too bad that ike is even mentioned on these songs - tina is the badass and the talent.

interpol is a band i never think about but enjoy when they are playing.

INXS. hearts.

the isley brother's "summer breeze" makes me think of drinking malibu run with cranberry juice and eating half-price burgers and chainsmoking at the toledo lounge in 2003, when my favorite bartender would play this on the jukebox and slip me free drinks. this song even reminds me of how the bar smelled - water damage and stale smoke. sigh. good times.