Saturday, May 18, 2013

no idea how that happened.


it's been a while.

a lot has happened.

a lot has changed.

i don't know why i want to start blogging again; i have missed it, but not terribly.  i have stuff to say, in general, the way that people, in general, have opinions and thoughts, but i don't want to be a reviewer, mommy blogger, pop culture snark, or diarist.  i don't want to make money off of my blog, i don't want anyone other than my friends to actually know who i am, i don't want to humblebrag about my kid, i don't want to gain self-respect and fulfillment by showing step-by-step instructions on how to create wedding centerpieces out of mason jars and glow sticks and dead butterflies, and i don't want to thinspire you with my weight-loss journey.  

no offense if that's what you write, or what you like to read.  i have pinterest boards dedicated to things like brunch recipes and wrapping-paper storage, and i never met an online diatribe about the show SCANDAL that i didn't enjoy reading, so i'm not exactly above it all.  maybe it's being 36 (fuck, no idea how that happened), and married, and a mother, and mid-career (at the same job, mind you, that i had when i started this blog - fuck, no idea how that happened), and . . . just adjusting, every day, to what this life is that i both decided on and was unwittingly given.  

now i am boring myself.

no one cares why anyone else has a blog.

hope you visit again.

hope i keep writing.  


chewy said...

i just caught up...and i'm so happy you started blogging again.

and when your girl does do something awesome, you should brag because i hate kids (you know this), but i LOVE your kid because she actually is perfection.

lindsay said...

I'm so glad I randomly checked if you were writing again! I'm only 3 months late!! If google reader hadn't shut down, I would have been here much sooner ... xo