Sunday, May 19, 2013

recommended reading: new yorker profile of george r.r. martin

it's sunday, which is usually tv night for me.  all of the big, amazing cable shows are my sunday night viewing: breaking bad, mad men, downton abbey, game of thrones, dexter, girls.  back in the day, six feet under, which will forever be my favorite, was my sunday night viewing; sometimes i would go to an awesome dc indie theater called visions and watch it at the bar.   

i didn't think i would like game of thrones.  dragons and magic - fucking barf.  it still perplexes some of my friends how i don't like the lord of the rings, and i haven't read a "fantasy" novel (harry potter and vampire high schoolers included) since the lion, the witch and the wardrobe was assigned in sixth-grade reading class.  it still takes me great pleasure to imagine my husband, pos - who i met as an awesome, confident, indie-rock-loving mid-30s man - as an awkward, zitty, mulleted, dungeons-and-dragons-playing nerd teenager.  he is unapologetic about his dork past, other than the hair.  

i mean really, i HATE fantasy, as a genre and even as a word.  i can barely look at old led zeppelin album art without rolling my eyes, and i love led zep.  it's just that the real world is so much more interesting and full of possibility than made up lands with little puppet people and magical powers and medieval throwback bullshit.  EXCEPT FOR STAR WARS, cuz that shit is awesome.  okay, it's an imperfect and irrational hatred, but trust me, the fantasy genre is not my thing.

but then people kept talking about game of thrones, and pos would come home from work sunday nights and make a beeline for the dvr so he could watch it, and people who i never thought would be into it were telling me to give it a chance.  so i started with season one, using on-demand, skeptical, and crammed the first two seasons in as quickly as i could while still holding down a job and not neglecting my child.  i thought it was awesome: sprawling, creepy, funny, dramatic, and addictive, not to mention fantastically acted and written.  by the time dragons were introduced, i was like, fuck yeah, the dragon eggs are gonna hatch!  i love how big of a bastard joffrey is.  i love daenerys' story arc.  i love how sometimes i have no idea what the hell is going on.  i love that i just tried googling "peter dinklage" and all i had to type in was "pete" for him to be the first auto-fill choice.  i am a convert.

i have zero interest in reading the books, however.  i am still not interested in fantasy as literature, and i have a stack of things i've been wanting to read that will take me into next century.  in fact, i was reading from the bottom of my pile of new yorkers this weekend and came across a great profile of george r.r. martin, published before the game of thrones series on hbo started, and before the publication of the fifth book in the series, which was apparently rather delayed, much to the severe consternation of his obsessed fans.  

check it out, even if you have no interest in him as a writer or the books, because it is also a great exploration of what fans think they are owed by their favorite artists.  

also, i would be remiss to not also post this amazing behind-the-scenes video, courtesy of snl.  the nudity and sex doesn't always further the story or make sense (i'm looking at you, completely gratuitous scene when littlefinger (ug, that name) instructs two of his hookers how to get it on), but i have a soft spot for awkward fantasy dorks who have never seen real-life boobs.

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